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Airports and Airport Security in Europe - May 2014

“Conflicting forces are impacting European airports. While capacity is strained at some key hubs, many outlying regional airports are underutilised due to lack of population in the catchment area and to increasing competition with high-speed rail.”

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Will there be a capacity crunch at Europe’s main airport hubs?
  • Are there too many small airports in Europe?
  • How will the newly promulgated EU regulation on subsidies affect the airport sector?
  • Will the massive build-up of airport capacity in the Arab Gulf take share from Europe’s main hubs?
  • Will the further spread of high-speed rail reduce air travel in Europe?
  • Will the restrictions on carrying liquids in hand luggage be lifted by 2016?


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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

        • Demographic trends in Europe
          • Figure 1: Total population by European country, 1950, 2013, 2025, 2050 and 2100
          • Figure 2: Percentage distribution of the population by age groups in selected European countries, 2013 and 2050
        • Economic outlook for Europe
          • Figure 3: Forecasted GDP growth & other economic data by selected regions & major countries, (y-o-y % change unless noted otherwise), January 2014
        • Trend in expenditure on travel and tourism
          • Figure 4: Growth in travel & tourism spending in Europe, (in 2011 US$), 2012-20
        • Trend in passenger volumes by major country
          • Figure 5: Number of airline passengers by major European country, 2008-16
          • Figure 6: Year-on-year growth in the number of airline passengers, by selected country, 2008-16
      • Major European Markets and their Airports

        • Ranking of the biggest airports in Europe
          • Figure 7: Ranking of European airports*, by passenger movements for the year, 2013
          • Figure 8: Ranking of European airports*, by aircraft movements for the year, 2013
        • European airport groups by vocation
          • Figure 9: European airport business models, 2010*
        • Airports by country
          • France
            • Figure 10: Passenger movements at Parisian & provincial airports, 2012-13
          • LCCs driving growth
            • Figure 11: LCC traffic, by major airport, 2013
            • Figure 12: Major French airports ranked, by passenger movements in 2013
          • Germany
            • Figure 13: Passenger movements in German airports, by destination, 2013
          • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport delayed until 2015
            • Italy
              • Figure 14: Passenger traffic at Italian airports, 2013
            • Russia
              • Figure 15: Russia’s 15 largest airports (ranked by seating capacity), August 2013
            • Uncertain future
              • Spain
                • Figure 16: Passenger movements at Spanish airports, 2013
              • Turkey
                • Figure 17: Top 15 Turkish airports ranked by annual passenger movements, 2013
              • A third airport for Istanbul
                • UK
                  • Figure 18: Trend in passenger movements at selected UK airports, year ended September 2008 & year ended September 2013
                • Smallest airports hardest hit
                • EU Regulation Concerning Airports

                    • EU guidelines for subsidisation
                      • Commission clarifies state aid guidelines for airports
                        • Environmental protests
                        • Major European Airport Groups

                            • Aéroports de Paris (AdP)
                              • Figure 19: Breakdown of shareholding on 5 July 2013
                              • Figure 20: Recent trend in AdP’s share price, April 2013-January 2014
                            • AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea)
                              • Aeroporti di Roma (ADR)
                                • Figure 21: ADR’s principal shareholders, 2014
                              • Fraport
                                • Figure 22: Fraport’s airport portfolio, 2014
                                • Figure 23: Fraport’s shareholder structure, 2014
                                • Figure 24: Recent trend in Fraport’s share price, April 2013-January 2014
                              • Heathrow Airport Holdings (formerly BAA)
                                • Figure 25: Passenger traffic at group airports, 2013
                                • Figure 26: Ownership structure of FGP Topco Limited, 2014
                              • Manchester Airport Group (MAG)
                                • Munich Airport
                                  • Schiphol Group
                                    • Figure 27: Schiphol Group shareholders, 2014
                                  • Swedavia
                                    • TAV Havalimanlari Holding AS
                                      • Figure 28: TAV shareholders, 2014
                                      • Figure 29: Three-year trend in TAV share price, 2011-13
                                      • Figure 30: TAV Airport’s targets* for 2014
                                  • Safety and Security in European Airports

                                      • Light at the end of the tunnel for liquids
                                        • Figure 31: Timetable for lifting of restrictions on carrying liquids onto aircraft in Europe, 2014
                                      • A three-phase programme
                                        • Screening procedures and technology
                                          • Scanning hardware
                                          • What Next?

                                              • European airports’ ‘capacity crunch’
                                                • Competition with high-speed rail
                                                  • Competition from expanding Gulf airports

                                                  Companies Covered

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                                                  Airports and Airport Security in Europe - May 2014

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