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Occupational Health (Industrial Report) - UK - March 2012

Industrial market reports from MBD industrial (a recognised authority in these markets) have added a new dimension to the breadth of research offered by Mintel. These industrial titles complement Mintel's existing consumer range, covering sectors such as building and engineering, and now featuring new business and professional/office sectors. This data is fully analysed and forecasts amended to reflect the forces affecting the market and industry. Market sizes, major players, key trends and forecasts are included in every report, providing you with a concise insight into each sector, facilitating your decision-making and allowing you to plan a successful future.

This is achieved through:

  • working to a fully documented quality management system
  • conducting high-quality, reliable market research
  • identifying the reasons behind the trends
  • testing and analysing the results
  • exploring the critical success factors
  • focusing on pragmatic analyses and advice
  • organising the information clearly and logically in a concise report

The reports have been segmented into four main sections:

  • Build - Adhesives, Civil Engineering, Thermal Insulation ...
  • Engineering - Aerospace, Process Plant, Valves ...
  • Business - Electronic Components, Gas, Food & Drink Packaging ...
  • Professional/Office - Architects, Freight Forwarding, Quantity Surveyors

By providing these reports online, access is available from around the globe. Through Mintel's website, information is available at your fingertips within seconds.

The reports help you to:

  • identify opportunities
  • meet customer demands
  • react to developments as they occur
  • foresee market changes
  • streamline your strategy
  • evaluate your performance
  • develop your budgets

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Table of contents

  1. 1. Executive Summary

    • 2. Introduction

      • 2.1 Definitions
        • MCi publishes a range of reports on the UK healthcare market. The trends in the private healthcare market are analysed in detail in the publication, The UK Private Healthcare Market Development, published by MCi. 2.2 Methodology
          • 2.3 Abbreviations
            • 2.4 Market Positioning
              • Table 1: Incidence of Sickness Absence Among Employees, 2011
            • 2.5 UK Economy
              • 2.6 Market Factors
              • 3. Market Size And Trends

                  • 3.2.2 The Public Sector
                    • 3.2.3 The Private Sector
                      • 3.2.4 Industry Analysis
                        • Table 9: Average Sickness Absence by Sector, 2007-2011
                        • Table 10: Proportion of Respondents with Organisational Sickness Reduction Targets, 2006-2008
                      • 3.2.5 Reasons for Absence
                          • Table 14: Days Off Work Due to Work Related Self-Reported Illness or Accident, 2007-2011
                          • Table 15: Causes of Work Related Stress, by Type of Organisation, 2011
                          • Table 16: Methods Being Used To Identify and Reduce Stress, by Type of Organisation, 2011
                        • 3.2.6 Regional Analysis
                          • Table 17: Average Sickness Absence by Region, 2006-2011
                        • 3.2.7 Other Market Factors
                            • Table 18: Average Work Days Lost, by Age and Sex, 2007-2011
                          • 3.2.8 Market Development
                            • Table 19: The UK Market for Occupational Health Provision, 2007-2011
                          • 3.3 Market Trends
                            • 3.3.1 Government Policy
                              • 3.3.2 Legislation
                                • 3.3.3 Business Practice
                                  • 3.3.4 Health Screening
                                  • 4. Industry Structure

                                      • 4.2 Industry Development
                                        • 4.3 Company Profiles
                                          • 4.3.1 Atos Healthcare
                                            • Table 20: Financial Analysis of Atos Healthcare - Occupational Health, 2007-2011
                                          • 4.3.2 AXA Icas Occupational Health Services
                                            • Table 21: Financial Analysis of AXA Icas Occupational Health Services, 2006-2010
                                          • 4.3.3 BUPA Occupational Health
                                              • Table 22: Financial Analysis of BUPA Occupational Health, 2006-2010
                                            • 4.3.4 Capita Health And Wellbeing
                                              • Table 23: Financial Analysis of Capita Health Solutions, 2006-2010
                                            • 4.3.5 Abermed
                                              • Table 24: Financial Analysis of Abermed, 2008-2010
                                          • 5. Forecast

                                              • 5.2 Market Size
                                                • Table 25: Propensity of Occupational Health Advice Line Users to Pay for Services, by Organisation Size, 2010-2011
                                                • Table 26: Propensity of Occupational Health Advice Line Users to Pay for Services, by Country, 2010-2011
                                                • Table 27: Reasons for Not Wanting to Pay for the Occupational Health Advice Line, 2010-2011
                                                • Table 28: Forecast UK Occupational Health Market, 2012-2016
                                              • Diagram 1: Development of the UK Occupational Health Market, 2006-2016
                                                • Diagram 1: Development of the UK Occupational Health Market, 2006-2016
                                              • 5.3 Industry
                                              • 6. Further Sources & Contacts

                                                • 6.1 Trade Associations, Regulatory Authorities and Independent Professional Bodies
                                                  • 6.2 Trade Magazines

                                                  Companies Covered

                                                  To learn more about the companies covered in this report please contact us.

                                                  Occupational Health (Industrial Report) - UK - March 2012

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