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International Market Research Reports

Mintel provide a range of international market reports, which provide insight into the industry across the globe. We also provide a number of outbound market reports, focusing on various countries worldwide. Available reports can include:

Market Data Reports

Mintel’s market data reports will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the market size and share. Market data reports also provide a 5 year forecast for the sector in that region and the region\\\'s socio-economic data.

Consumer Research Reports

Mintel’s consumer reports deliver insight and expert analysis into key consumer trends and behaviour in your marketplace, in addition to an overview of the market data and key brands operating in each region. Mintel’s consumer reports provide you with easily digestible information to guide your future innovation and move your business forward.


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  1. The Impact of Sharing-Economy Business on Travel - June 2016

    This report looks at the following areas:

    • What is the sharing economy?

    • What kind of sharing-economy businesses operate within the travel arena?

    • Who are the current market leaders in the travel-related sharing economy?

    • What trends are driving the growth of the sharing-economy business?

    • Who uses the ...

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    US $366.54 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    June 2016
  2. Mountain Tourism- Worldwide - June 2015

    “Mountains offer some of the most important destinations for the tourism industry. They make a major contribution to leisure tourism and provide a significant opportunity to develop poor mountain regions. With global tourism on an upward trend, mountainous regions look set to benefit from ...

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    US $366.54 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    June 2015
  3. Sports Tourism Worldwide - December 2012

    Sports tourism has been one of the fastest-growing niche segments of the tourism sector in recent years, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Sports can be either a permanent demand driver for a destination (for example a ski resort) or an occasional one (for example ...

    Read More
    US $1,857.54 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    December 2012
  4. Golf Tourism - International - September 2010

    Sports tourism is often viewed as a niche segment within the tourism sector as a whole. However, the relationship between sport and tourism is gaining momentum in the industry, and this has mainly come from five basic directions:

    • the popularity of international and national sporting events such as ...

    Read More
    US $366.54 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    September 2010