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UK Carbonated Soft Drinks Market Report 2024

Cocktail-inspired flavours, retro features and collaborations with other food and drink brands stand out as opportunity areas in the UK CSD market, given strong consumer interest.


US Suncare and Skin Protection Market Report 2024

Over three-quarters of sunscreen users would pay more for sunscreen with facial skincare ingredients or benefits. Highlighting that sunscreen has a ready audience for prestige offerings.


UK Crisps, Savoury Snacks and Nuts Market Report 2024

The small role of savoury snacks in household budgets, the scope for trading down and leading players’ NPD look to have shielded snack categories from the cost of living crisis.


The Future of US Foodservice 2024

Given the advent of new technologies, restaurants are adapting quickly. Overall, consumers welcome technology in the dining experience, leaning toward convenience.


UK Personal Loans Market Report 2024

Traditional lenders provide a sense of safety and security for consumers when taking out a loan, as they have long track records of providing finance to individuals.


US Soap, Bath and Shower Products Market Report 2024

With men’s evolving interest in self-care, health, and appearance, there’s room for brands to grow appeal in the masculine grooming space.


Germany Supermarkets Market Report 2024

Over half of Germans would be willing to pay extra for fast deliveries. Innovations in delivery methods are being explored by supermarkets in Germany to cater to eco-conscious consumers’ demands.


UK Holiday Review Market Report 2024

The lockdown restrictions meant that many families spent more time together over the past couple of years compared to before the pandemic. Many are eager to continue this trend in the years to come.


US Financial Services Market Report 2024

Projected demand for every type of financial product increased from last year, as consumers are no longer attempting to wait out inflation and are more actively re-strategising towards a new economic environment.

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