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About Mintel

Mintel: the world's leading market intelligence agency

Market intelligence is what sets us apart and what defines us as a brand.
It is at the heart of our business, taking its name from an
amalgamation of the two words.

A unique perspective

We have been defining and refining the Market Intelligence Mix ever since 1972, offering our clients a unique perspective on the consumer landscape and a clear roadmap to navigate it with.

Insight you can trust

Our analysts know their markets. They are here to guide you through every twist and turn, with an exceptional understanding of every aspect of your market. Each report plants the seed for business growth.

Global leader

With offices in London, Chicago, Shanghai, Belfast, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Munich, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto we are your eyes and ears in markets across the globe.

We work with more than
5000 businesses worldwide

Our Reports

Our consumer reports combine exclusive consumer research with trustworthy market data and expert analysis. Our cutting edge insights enable you to stand out from the competition, secure your position in the market and protect your revenue. We can tell you where the market is heading and the trends on the horizon. We can guide you on the path to your next big success story.


About syndicated research

In a world of big data, the continuing success of syndicated market research shows you don't always need to boil an entire ocean to know its salt content. From the world’s largest corporations to the new brands of emerging economies, the robust sampling, proven methodologies and client-focused insights of quality syndicated research programmes offer a fast and cost-effective route to new market knowledge.

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