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Agritourism is a widespread and busy sector of tourism. However, even in countries with well-developed and mature tourism cultures, it is often one of the least regarded areas both in terms of the public’s knowledge of it, as well as of sector-specific management.

Since agritourism has been defined as a tourism category, the sector has undergone significant development and can now offer formalised products reliant on sophisticated marketing and management techniques. An agritourist today can book in advance a five-star B&B online, direct or via an agency, and enjoy tours and excursions in safe accredited environments, while agritourism management has gone from an almost ad-hoc and at-need basis towards meeting the needs of a high-value sustainable tourism sector.

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

      • Definitions
      • Data Sources

        • Overview

          • Global interpretation of agritourism
            • Italy
              • The Philippines
                • Key commercial aspects of agritourism
                  • Agritainment
                    • Farm and rural accommodation
                      • Agritourism and farm produce
                        • The relevance of agritourism
                          • Potential benefits
                            • Potential drawbacks
                              • Liability
                                • Agritourism and rural development
                                  • Agritourism and intra/extra-tourism industry connectivity
                                    • Industry interview: Fiona Jones, co-ordinator, Brecknock Farmers Market, Brecon, Wales, UK
                                    • The Economics of Agritourism

                                        • Italy
                                          • Figure 1: Travel and tourism in Italy, direct and indirect economic contribution, 2005-20
                                          • Figure 2: Agritourists versus all categories of tourist arrivals, total nights and average stay, 2005-08
                                        • UK
                                          • Figure 3: UK residents’ overnight domestic tourism, trips and spend, by category, 2008
                                          • Figure 4: Spending, by overseas and domestic tourists, UK, 2009
                                          • Figure 5: UK occupancy levels, all accommodation categories in countryside and village locations, 2007-09
                                        • England
                                          • Figure 6: UK versus England trips summary, by type of destination, 2006-09
                                        • Wales
                                          • Figure 7: Trends in annual room occupancy rates, guesthouses, B&Bs and hotels, in countryside and village locations, 1999-2007*
                                          • Figure 8: Occupancy rates, B&B, guesthouse and hotel accommodation in countryside and village locations, Jan 2008-Jan 2010
                                        • US
                                          • Figure 9: US income from farm-related sources, by farm size category, type and selected states, 2002/07*
                                        • Wine tourism in Australia
                                          • Figure 10: Winery visitors, South Australia versus all Australia, 2006/07*
                                          • Figure 11: Expenditure by domestic day visitors, South Australia and its regions, 2008
                                          • Figure 12: Expenditure by domestic overnight visitors*, South Australia and its regions, 2008
                                          • Figure 13: International visitor numbers to South Australia state, 1999-2008
                                          • Figure 14: Expenditure by international overnight visitors*, South Australia and its regions, 2008
                                          • Figure 15: Wine tourism summary, Barossa region, South Australia, 2008/09
                                        • Industry insight: Agritourism in the Philippines
                                        • Market Characteristics in Agritourism

                                            • Purpose of visit
                                              • Barossa, Australia, wine tourist’s profile
                                                • Figure 16: Responses to questions, visitor profile and satisfaction survey, Barossa region, South Australia, Sept/Oct 2007*
                                                • Figure 17: Profile summary domestic overnight visitors to Barossa region, South Australia, 2008-09
                                                • Figure 18: Profile summary of international visitors to Barossa region, South Australia, 2008/09
                                              • Seasonality
                                                • The emergence of a booking season
                                                  • Length of stay
                                                    • Figure 19: Tourist's average stay (nights) in Italy, by category of accommodation, 2005-08
                                                    • Figure 20: Top 20 for average stay (nights) in agritourism accommodation establishments in Italy, ranked by country of residence, 2005-08
                                                  • A majority domestic tourism pursuit
                                                    • Figure 21: Domestic and international arrivals, total nights and average stay, for Italian agritourism accommodation, 2005-08
                                                    • Figure 22: Ranked top 30 contributing markets, total nights in agritourism accommdation establishments in Italy, by country of residence, 2005-08
                                                  • Expenditure
                                                    • Figure 23: Average spend per trip/night by UK residents, UK and England trips, by type of destination, 2006-09
                                                • Agritourism Marketing

                                                    • Market-driving trends and factors
                                                      • Agritourism marketing strategies and techniques
                                                        • Marketing boards
                                                          • Agritourism Australia
                                                            • Farm Stay UK
                                                              • Industry insight: members of the Vermont Farms Association
                                                                • Accreditation, quality assurance and agritourism branding
                                                                  • Building constituencies
                                                                    • The Greenbox
                                                                      • Industry insight: Andy Woodward, chief executive, Farm Stay UK
                                                                      • What Next?

                                                                        • After the recession
                                                                          • Persistent low-budget, low-quality portrayal
                                                                            • Agritourism buffer zones in protected area management
                                                                              • A mature agritourism sector
                                                                                • Agritourism certification
                                                                                  • New agritourism products
                                                                                    • ‘New-old’ agritourism
                                                                                      • Pastoralist and animal drive tourism
                                                                                        • Supply chain tourism

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