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Alcoholic Beverages Online - US - October 2019

"Alcohol delivery is on the rise. Companies are vying for their slice of the market through instant delivery (two hours or less), partnerships with non-CPG brands and category-specific offerings. Consumers want to explore new alcohol choices but need a hand finding where to start – creating an opportunity for online brands to step in. While consumers have interest in purchasing alcohol online, fees and state laws make it a complicated matter; however, new technology in the rapidly expanding ecommerce space will aid in turning passive browsing into active buying."

- Katie Yackey, eCommerce Analyst

This report will look at the following areas:

  • Consumer use and interest in online alcohol services
  • Motivations and barriers when shopping for alcohol online
  • Who is doing well in the online alcohol marketplace

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Table of contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Definition
      • Executive Summary

        • Overview
          • Figure 1: Shopping for alcohol online, by age and gender, August 2019
        • Issues and opportunities
          • The issues
            • Figure 2: Why consumers have not/would not buy alcohol online, August 2019
            • Figure 3: Alcohol delivery companies, by category
            • Figure 4: Why consumers have not/would not buy alcohol online, August 2019
          • The opportunities
            • Figure 5: Why consumers would shop for alcohol online, August 2019
          • What’s next
          • The Market – What You Need to Know

            • Consumers still enjoy their adult beverages
              • Food delivery services are on the rise
                • Everyone is crowding the living room
                  • The ecommerce train is full-steam ahead
                  • Market Breakdown and Perspective

                    • Beer is still brewing
                      • Wine more
                        • Keep your spirits up
                          • Foodie fun
                            • The explosion of ecommerce
                              • What this all means for alcohol brands and services
                              • Market Factors

                                • Staying in just became cool
                                  • Foodservice delivery is prime with opportunity
                                    • Figure 6: Postmates delivery robot dubbed “Serve”
                                  • Trade wars leave consumers a bit on edge
                                    • Figure 7: Consumer Confidence Index
                                • Key Players – What You Need to Know

                                  • Delivery services are quickly flooding the market
                                    • Figure 8: Alcohol delivery companies, by category
                                  • Consumers need a hero
                                    • Everything is better together
                                      • Online grocery will influence online alcohol
                                        • Bring in-store techniques to the online experience
                                        • What’s Working

                                          • Winc
                                            • Figure 9: Winc wine box subscription
                                          • Bringing the (mini)bar to you
                                            • Figure 10: SaloonBox subscription box items
                                          • Don’t sleep on Drizly
                                            • Figure 11: Drizly celebrating new markets in the US
                                        • Key Challenges

                                          • Consumers are drinking higher quality at lower consumption levels
                                            • State laws can lead to a complicated organizational system
                                            • What to Watch

                                              • Online grocery growth
                                                • Figure 12: Free Whole Foods delivery from Amazon
                                              • Exclusive offerings make the drinking occasion special
                                                • Figure 13: Zola and Diageo partnership
                                              • In-store tricks can help online consumers
                                                • Figure 14: Binny’s Create-Your-Own Six Pack
                                              • Louisiana pioneers the digital ID
                                                • Figure 15: Digital ID for Louisiana
                                            • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                                              • Young males are currently purchasing alcohol online
                                                • Women across age groups are interested in using online alcohol delivery services
                                                  • First impressions matter
                                                    • Guide consumers through the forest
                                                    • Profile of Alcohol Consumers

                                                      • Breathe deeply: most people are still purchasing alcohol
                                                          • Figure 16: Which alcohol beverages consumers are purchasing, August 2019
                                                        • Young males are the most likely to use online alcohol services
                                                            • Figure 17: How consumers typically shop for alcoholic beverages, by age and gender, August 2019
                                                          • Opportunity to win
                                                            • Figure 18: General consumer use and interest for buying alcohol online, August 2019
                                                          • The future is female
                                                              • Figure 19: Interest in buying alcoholic beverages online, by age and gender, August 2019
                                                            • Hispanic consumers are multi-channel shoppers
                                                                • Figure 20: How Hispanic consumers shop, August 2019
                                                              • Empower them to feel educated and confident about their purchase
                                                                • Figure 21: What Hispanic consumers want to see online, August 2019
                                                            • How Consumers Buy Alcohol

                                                              • Consumers continue to blend their online and offline life
                                                                • Figure 22: Where consumers buy alcohol, by age and gender
                                                              • Which devices are used
                                                                  • Figure 23: How consumers order alcohol online
                                                              • Motivations for Buying Alcohol Online

                                                                • Get the basics right the first time around
                                                                  • Figure 24: Why any consumer would use online alcohol services, August 2019
                                                                  • Figure 25: Interest, by why consumer would use online alcohol service, August 2019
                                                                • Tools for successful purchases
                                                                  • Figure 26: Tools consumers are looking for from brands/services, August 2019
                                                                  • Figure 27: What consumers would like to see from brands/services, by interest, August 2019
                                                              • Barriers to Buying Alcohol Online

                                                                • More fees, more problems
                                                                  • Figure 28: Reasons consumers would not use online alcohol services, August 2019
                                                                • Consumers don’t know alcohol delivery services exist
                                                                  • Figure 29: Why consumers have not/would not use online delivery services, by interest, August 2019
                                                                • Alcohol delivery services hit a home run in urban environments
                                                                    • Figure 30: Environment, by why consumers have not/would not use online alcohol services, August 2019
                                                                  • It’s tricky to deliver around state lines
                                                                  • Use and Interest in Online Alcohol Services

                                                                    • From where people prefer to buy
                                                                      • Figure 31: Delivery service type, by interest, August 2019
                                                                    • Willingness to spend
                                                                      • Figure 32: Delivery fees, by usage August 2019
                                                                  • Occasions and Extras

                                                                    • Alcohol is always invited to the party
                                                                      • Figure 33: Occasion, by urban/rural environments, August 2019
                                                                      • Figure 34: Online alcohol occasion, August 2019
                                                                    • Interested users’ occasions
                                                                      • Figure 35: Occasion, by interest in purchasing alcohol online, August 2019
                                                                    • Extras in the basket
                                                                      • Figure 36: Extras consumers may purchase with online alcohol orders, August 2019
                                                                      • Figure 37: Purchase extras, by interest in future purchases, August 2019
                                                                    • Special occasions are always an expansion opportunity
                                                                      • Figure 38: Purchase extras, by occasion, August 2019
                                                                  • Purchasing Habits for Online Alcohol

                                                                    • Frequency compared to online and non-online shoppers
                                                                      • Figure 39: Frequency of purchase for those who have purchased alcohol online, August 2019
                                                                    • Younger consumers buy more frequently
                                                                      • Figure 40: Frequency of future purchases for those who have not purchased alcohol online, by age, August 2019
                                                                    • Purchase timeframe
                                                                      • Figure 41: When consumers would purchase alcohol online, August 2019
                                                                      • Figure 42: Purchase intent, by day of the week they would buy, August 2019
                                                                  • Attitudes toward Buying Alcohol Online

                                                                    • Curiosity is there, but action lacks
                                                                      • Figure 43: Level of agreement per statement concerning alcohol online, August 2019
                                                                    • Younger consumers are most open to purchasing online, older consumers are unsure about security of delivery
                                                                      • Figure 44: Level of agreement per statement concerning alcohol online, by age, August 2019
                                                                    • Men want delivery security, women want personalization
                                                                      • Figure 45: Attitudinal statements, by gender, August 2019
                                                                  • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                    • Data sources
                                                                      • Consumer survey data
                                                                        • Consumer qualitative research
                                                                          • Abbreviations and terms
                                                                            • Abbreviations
                                                                              • Terms
                                                                              • Appendix – The Consumer

                                                                                  • Figure 46: Simmons NHCS Male Alcohol Purchasers Age 22-34
                                                                                  • Figure 47: Simmons NHCS Female Alcohol Purchasers Age 22-54

                                                                              Alcoholic Beverages Online - US - October 2019

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