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Annual Aircare and Pest Control Market Overview - International - 2014

This global annual market overview will provide you with an in-depth review of the key issues in the global aircare and pest control market through 2013 as well as our forecast for what will happen in 2014 and beyond.

In 2013, the global air care market could be partially defined by a split between fast-growing developing markets and mature markets in decline, but that would be an overly simplistic depiction since most emerging markets are in the very early phases of growth and are yet to attract significant investment, while mature markets are led by the US.

Air fresheners are by and large still an affluent market product and even though emerging markets like Indonesia and India are posting rapid growth, spend per capita in the category is still quite low. In developing/newly developed markets, Turkey, India, Russia, Brazil, China and Indonesia are posting astounding growth. Because the fastest growing air care markets are still small, they are years away from making up for the massive decline occurring in the US, which is both the largest and slowest-growing (or fastest shrinking) market.

US consumers are trading down from powered air fresheners, which are still the dominant segment in value terms, to slow-release products.

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Annual Aircare and Pest Control Market Overview - International - 2014

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