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Australia Consumer Market Study - 2017

This study provides in-depth analysis into the lifestyles of metropolitan consumers, which will provide the reader with an understanding of the preferences of metro consumers and guidance in forming actionable innovation ideas from those consumer sentiments.

This is provided through recommendations on how to grow an existing space and/or tap into an unexplored opportunity space.

The following key topics are covered:

  •  Locally grown and manufactured food proves to continue to be a key selling point for Australian consumers.
  • The Foodie Effect has gripped Australians, with many consumers looking for ways to bring the restaurant experience into the home at an affordable price.
  • With alcohol spending declining, opportunities exist within the adult beverages space.
  • Avoiding refined sugar and saturated fats remains key in achieving health goals

You will also be able to find out the development of a trend within the overall market and delve into specific categories that standout in terms of new innovations.

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Table of contents

Spending Patterns

  • Australian-made continues to appeal
  • In-home food expenditure rises
  • Spending on alcohol decreases both in and out of home
  • Australians willing to pay a premium for natural and safe qualities

Goals & aspirations

  • Spending more time with family to create balance
  • Sports nutrition products flourish as physical activity becomes a key part of consumer's lives
  • Health star ratings trying to help consumers

Health & wellness

  • Kicking sugar
  • Mental wellness starts with stress reduction
  • Fat sheds stigma
  • Avoiding carbohydrates and gluten
  • Growth in dairy alternatives
  • Protein alternatives provide innovation
  • Weight loss and energy assistance received through functional foods

Convenience & technology

  • Technology health intervention

Environment & Ethical

  • Sustainable & Cruelty-free
  • Recyclability is a baseline expectation


  • Visual representation of all consumer responses

Australia Consumer Market Study - 2017

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