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Bespoke Holiday Packages - International - September 2010

For the tourism industry, the worldwide recession has not only impacted numbers of travellers, it has also affected the way in which people travel. As cash has become more restricted for the vast majority of the holidaymaking public, holidays have remained a high priority, and those wishing to maintain their long awaited trips have had to look for alternatives to the often pricy options they had indulged in previously.

For instance, many tourists are now more likely to holiday domestically, or to take a longer main holiday at the expense of an extra weekend break or two throughout the year. Additionally, as many travel companies have folded due to the credit crunch, tourists have had to become much more cautious and actively protect their holidays by seeking guarantees.

In light of these compromises, perhaps one of the most unlikely of the post-credit crunch travel market trends to have emerged is bespoke travel. Traditionally the preserve of the wealthy, this sector has now become a much more widely noticed and accessible choice for many holidaymakers looking for the perfect solution.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

        • What is a bespoke holiday package?
          • Understanding bespoke services
            • ‘Bespoke’ and its application in tourism
              • Packages in bespoke holiday arrangements
                • Component package holidays
                    • Figure 1: Two comparative component package bespoke itineraries, Sabah, Malaysia, 2010
                  • Entire holiday packages
                    • Figure 2: Typologies of holiday itinerary construction used by tour operators, 2010
                    • Figure 3: Implications of employing Type 2 and 3 itinerary construction techniques in bespoke holiday arrangements, 2010
                  • Tailor-made versus bespoke: what’s the difference?
                    • Industry comment: Interpretations of bespoke travel
                    • The Bespoke Tourism Market and Factors Affecting It

                        • Characteristics of ideal bespoke tourism destinations
                          • The independent traveller
                              • Figure 4: Pre-credit crunch expectations, UK outbound independent holidays and expenditure abroad, 2001-11
                              • Figure 5: Market forecast, post credit-crunch 2009, independent and inclusive UK outbound holiday volumes, 2002-12
                              • Figure 6: Market forecast, post credit-crunch 2009, UK independent and inclusive outbound holiday expenditure, 2002-12
                              • Figure 7: UK outbound holidays by type, inclusive vs independent, 2007-09
                            • Social factors
                              • Figure 8: UK trends in GDP, PDI and consumer expenditure, 2001-11
                              • Figure 9: UK forecast adult population trends, by socio-economic group, 2001-11
                              • Figure 10: UK forecast adult population trends, by lifestage, 2001-11
                            • Home computing and the Internet
                              • Figure 11: Home computer key metrics, UK, 2004-08
                              • Figure 12: Trends in UK home PC usage, 2004-08
                              • Figure 13: Home Internet use in the UK, 2004-08
                              • Figure 14: International land and air tourists to Spain according to Internet use in relation to the trip, 2006-07*
                              • Figure 15: UK overseas holidays bought online annually, 2003-12
                            • Low-cost carriers
                              • Figure 16: European LCC capacity, ELFAA members, 2008-09
                            • The holistic traveller and sustainability
                              • Travel protection
                              • The Bespoke Holidaymaker

                                  • Characteristics of tourist types relating to bespoke tourism
                                    • High Net Worth Individuals
                                      • Experiential holiday high spenders
                                        • Characteristics of adventure tourists visiting Peru
                                          • Moderate adventure tourists
                                            • High-risk adventure tourists
                                              • Aficionado adventure tourists
                                                • Figure 17: : Previous experience of adventure tourism, non-resident tourists to Peru, conducted in country of residence, 2008
                                                • Figure 18: Previous experience of adventure tourism conducted when travelling abroad, non-resident tourists to Peru, 2008
                                                • Figure 19: Influencing factors affecting the choice of Peru as an adventure travel destination, 2008
                                              • Averaged air visitors’ profile: Sabah, Malaysia
                                                • Figure 20: International air arrivals, Kota Kinabalu, average visitor's profile, Sabah, Jan-Nov 2009
                                              • Industry comment: Where do bespoke tourists go on holiday?
                                              • Marketing Bespoke Tourism

                                                  • Specialist versus non-specialist bespoke tour operators
                                                    • Key defining bespoke tourism marketing tools
                                                      • Websites and email communication
                                                        • Peer-to-peer marketing
                                                          • Industry comment: Knowing the market, the personal touch
                                                            • Industry comment: The cost of entering the bespoke market
                                                            • Industry Interview: Claire Knill, Marketing Manager, Black Tomato

                                                              • What Next?

                                                                • After the recession
                                                                  • Changing habits of bespoke travellers
                                                                    • Domestic and local bespoke travel
                                                                      • Loss of faith in ATOL
                                                                        • New bespoke travellers

                                                                        Bespoke Holiday Packages - International - September 2010

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