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Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

The biscuit, cookies and crackers category is thriving and many developed markets are experiencing modest growth, while developing markets, despite their challenges, hold much potential. The dietary stigmas surrounding carbohydrates and gluten that has negatively impacted other categories of wheat flour-based goods does not appear to have impacted the biscuit, cookies and crackers category to any significant degree. Winners in the category have been predominantly tasty, indulgent, strongly branded varieties that excite consumers with regular flavour, format and packaging innovation. Oreo, the leading brand of market leader Mondelēz has continued to grow in major markets through a constant stream of band investment and innovations designed to keep brand loyalists engaged.

The sweet biscuit segment offers consumers the winning combination of being affordable, shelf stable, convenient and indulgent, major attractions for the category despite interest in better-for-you formulations. Better-for-you snacking remains a small but growing segment of the biscuit category. The breakfast biscuit segment is notable for the success is has had in providing consumer with what is essentially a healthy snack as a convenient, on-the-go, breakfast solution. It continues to evolve, now available in a range of formats including bites, and with a greater variety of nutritional benefits including protein, fruit and vegetables.

The Middle East and Africa have attracted a great deal of investment over the past couple of years as major players in the category attempt to establish themselves and take advantage of the population and economic growth that is forecast. As a shelf-stable snack with a relatively long life, biscuits are an attractive category in a region with developing infrastructure. Competition is heating up. Not only are major companies moving in, but Brazil, a major biscuit producer and exporter are using their geographical proximity and Portuguese ties to also gain a foothold.

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Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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