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Brazilian Lifestyles - Dealing with Uncertainty - Brazil - August 2019

“This year has been full of uncertainties for Brazil. Waiting for significant economic reforms, such as the pension system, which is still under discussion in Congress, companies have postponed investments, delaying the creation of jobs and the gradual recovery of the economy. Companies should keep following the strategies that have been successful in recent years and at the same time open the possibility for new products and services to be offered. Despite the difficult scenario, consumers are optimistic about the future, and some of them are likely to start buying more expensive products again.”

- Marina Ferreira, Research Analyst

This Report investigates the following issues for Brazil and their impact on Brazilians’ lifestyles:

  • Brazil’s economy and impactful factors over it
  • Education levels and the consequences of an aging population
  • Categories overview: what happened and what’s next for food (in and out of home), non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages (at home and on premise), health and wellbeing and personal finance
  • Brazilians’ financial situation and expectation for the future
  • Expectations about the country’s situation
  • Behaviors toward relationship with brands
  • Purchase behavior in past 12 months and over next 12 months

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Table of contents

  1. Overview

    • Executive Summary

      • Brazil Today – What You Need to Know

        • The Economy

          • The Population

            • Categories Overview – Food: In-home and Out-of-home

              • Categories Overview – Non-alcoholic Drinks

                • Categories Overview – Alcoholic Drinks at Home and On-premise

                  • Categories Overview – Health and Wellbeing

                    • Categories Overview – Personal Finance

                      • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                        • Current Financial Situation

                          • Financial Situation over the Next 12 Months

                            • Expectations about the Country’s Situation

                              • Behaviors toward Relationship with Brands

                                • Purchase Behavior in Past 12 Months

                                  • Purchase Behavior over the Next 12 Months

                                    • Appendix – Abbreviations

                                      • Appendix – Market Size

                                        Brazilian Lifestyles - Dealing with Uncertainty - Brazil - August 2019

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