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Bus and Coach Travel - Europe - July 2009

Bus and coach transportation is not a key consideration for the ‘mass’ traveller when planning a trip in or around Europe. Traditionally, its appeal has been rooted with the older and youth age groups, both of which continue to offer operators considerable opportunity. The European continent lends itself well to bus and coach transportation, but distances can be long, so it is normally only attractive to a certain type of budget-conscious traveller who is willing to compromise on speed.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Market Influences

        • Europe leads as global tourism destination
          • Domestic travel patterns
            • European tourism traits
              • EU legislation
                • Tackling climate change
                    • Figure 1: GHG emissions from transport in EU-27 countries, by mode of transport, 1990-2006*
                  • EU legislation impacting the bus and coach industry
                    • 12-day derogation
                      • Passenger rights rules
                        • Population trends: Young and old across EU states
                          • Figure 2: Mid-year population In Western and Eastern Europe, 2000-30
                        • Economic recession spurs changes but holidays remain key
                            • Figure 3: Areas of the holiday budget where EU citizens would make savings (EU-27 average), 2008
                          • Exchange rate fluctuations
                            • Rising fuel prices
                              • Competing modes of transport: Air travel and rail
                                • Development of the European LCC industry
                                  • European rail set for modernisation
                                  • Market Overview

                                        • Figure 4: Performance of passenger transport in EU-27 countries, 1995-2007
                                        • Figure 5: Number of tourism trips (over four nights), by mode of transport in EU-24 countries, 2007
                                        • Figure 6: Number of tourism trips (over four nights), by bus and coach in the top ten EU-24 countries, 2001-07*
                                    • European Industry Landscape

                                        • Eurolines
                                          • National Express Group PLC
                                            • National Express (UK)
                                              • ALSA (Spain)
                                                • Deutsche Touring GmBH
                                                  • Stagecoach Group Plc (Megabus)
                                                    • Berlin Linien Bus GmbH (Germany)
                                                      • Bus and coach tour companies
                                                        • Busabout (The Leading Travel Companies)
                                                          • Others
                                                          • The Appeal to Niche Groups

                                                                • Figure 7: Profile of bus and coach travellers in the EU (EU-27 citizens), by destination of main holiday trip in 2008
                                                                • Figure 8: Perceptions of value regarding different travel companies: UK adults travelling to mainland Europe, 2009
                                                              • Type of trip
                                                                • Short breaks
                                                                  • A greener alternative?
                                                                    • Slow travel
                                                                      • Key demographics
                                                                        • The grey market
                                                                          • Youth travel
                                                                              • Figure 9: Transport used outside of major cities on last main trip, 2007
                                                                          • European Source and Destination Trends

                                                                              • European citizens
                                                                                • Figure 10: Method of transport for EU citizens’ main holiday trip in 2008
                                                                              • Germany
                                                                                • Spain
                                                                                  • UK
                                                                                    • Other
                                                                                    • Planning and Booking Bus and Coach Travel

                                                                                      • What Next?

                                                                                        Bus and Coach Travel - Europe - July 2009

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