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Camping and Caravanning - Europe - October 2009

Before the credit crunch, camping and caravanning tourism was in a state of decline, mainly because there were other affordable forms of tourism that were perceived as a higher status holiday. Now, two factors appear to have turned the sector around. First, the recession came into play, meaning that holidaymakers could not so readily afford other types of holiday; and second, the evolution of camping and caravanning into a much different product has led to it becoming more visible, meaning that the sector has begun to look as attractive as other competing types of tourism.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

        • Definition of camping and caravanning tourism
          • Holiday parks
            • Sub-sectors of camping and caravanning
              • Figure 1: Equating holiday park sub-sectors as categorised, 2009
            • A sub-sector model based on statistical availability
              • The UK sub-sector system
                • Accommodation choices
                  • Caravans
                    • Chalets and lodges
                      • Motorhomes
                        • Tents
                          • Signature equipment
                          • Tourism Players in the Sector

                              • Holiday companies and site operators
                                • Alan Rogers
                                  • Eurocamp
                                    • Le Paradis Holiday Park, Dordogne, France
                                      • Holgates Holiday Parks
                                        • Parkdean Holidays
                                          • Industry associations
                                            • The Caravan Club
                                              • The European Caravan Federation
                                                • National Caravan Council
                                                  • Equipment suppliers
                                                  • Economics of European Camping and Caravanning

                                                      • Ex-situ economics of a camping and caravanning holiday
                                                        • UK caravans and holiday homes manufacturing market
                                                            • Figure 2: UK motorhomes, holiday homes and caravan units produced and sold, 2004-07
                                                          • The European caravan manufacturing market
                                                            • Camping equipment sales
                                                              • Figure 3: UK sports goods expenditure compared with all retail sales and selected spending categories, 2002-07
                                                              • Figure 4: UK clothing and footwear spending, 2003-08
                                                              • Figure 5: UK consumer expenditure on sports clothing, 2003-08
                                                            • In-situ economics of European camping and caravanning holidays
                                                              • The worth of the UK holidays parks sector
                                                                • Figure 6: Accommodation used on domestic trips, by UK holidaymakers, 2005-08
                                                                • Figure 7: Bednights, by accommodation type generated by UK domestic trips, 2005-08
                                                                • Figure 8: UK residents tourism trips within the UK, 2005-08
                                                                • Figure 9: UK holiday parks, by sub-sector percentage share of total domestic bednights, 2005-08
                                                                • Figure 10: Spend generated, by UK holidaymakers’ domestic trips, 2005-08
                                                                • Figure 11: UK holiday parks by sub-sector % share of total spending on domestic trips, 2005-08
                                                              • Holiday park bednights and arrivals in Spain
                                                                • Figure 12: Resident and non-resident arrivals at Spanish camping and caravanning sites, 2004-08
                                                                • Figure 13: Resident and non-resident bednights at Spanish camping and caravanning sites, 2004-08
                                                                • Figure 14: Occupancy at Spanish camping and caravanning sites, 2004-08
                                                              • The value of holiday park tourism in Europe
                                                                • Figure 15: European arrivals staying in other collective accommodation establishments, 2003-08
                                                                • Figure 16: Year-on-year growth of arrivals staying in other collective accommodation establishments for selected European countries, 2004-08
                                                              • Industry insight
                                                              • Characteristics of the European Holiday Park Market

                                                                  • Trip characteristics
                                                                    • Average spend
                                                                      • International versus domestic camping and caravanning tourism
                                                                        • Figure 17: Spanish campsite arrivals, by country of residence, 2004-08
                                                                        • Figure 18: Top ten contributing countries spent in Spanish campsites, ranked by bednights, 2006-08
                                                                      • Short breaks versus main annual holidays
                                                                        • Figure 19: Average nights per trip in Spanish campsites for top ten ranked bednight countries, 2006-08
                                                                      • Marketing characteristics
                                                                        • Camping and caravanning culture
                                                                          • The Snowbirds
                                                                            • Target market groupings of campers and caravanners
                                                                              • The newcomers
                                                                                • Luxury campers and caravanners
                                                                                  • Glamping
                                                                                    • Budget campers and caravanners
                                                                                      • The particular experience seekers
                                                                                        • Retail characteristics of camping and caravanning holidaymakers
                                                                                          • Sports goods retailing target groups
                                                                                            • Shopping traits of Blacks shoppers
                                                                                              • Marketing strategies in camping and caravanning tourism
                                                                                                • The move upmarket
                                                                                                  • Differentiation
                                                                                                    • Sustainability
                                                                                                      • The David Bellamy Conservation Award
                                                                                                        • Industry insight
                                                                                                        • What Next?

                                                                                                          • Big business interest
                                                                                                            • Holiday parks and rural revival
                                                                                                                • Figure 20: The value of tourism to the Dorset county (UK) economy, 2005
                                                                                                              • Over-differentiation
                                                                                                                • The end of the recession

                                                                                                                Camping and Caravanning - Europe - October 2009

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