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Canada Outbound - June 2015

“Outbound travel is a mainstream leisure pursuit among Canadians keen to fulfil their desire to explore foreign cultures and seek out warmer climates for rest and relaxation. In 2014, almost 33.5 million trips were made by Canadians abroad, reports Statistics Canada, equivalent to just under one trip per capita per year.”

This report looks at the following areas:

  • How is Canadian outbound travel developing in the current economic climate?
  • What are the primary destinations visited by Canadians?
  • How do travel patterns vary by season?
  • How is the Canadian travel industry evolving?

Canada has a highly competitive travel industry, where price competition and low profit margins are standard. Although dominated by a few large players, the tour-operating business continues to attract new players, only raising the level of price competition. Airlines have been moving into the tour-operation business, providing packages for holidaymakers. Air Canada Rouge, WestJet Vacations and CanJet Vacations have all appeared in recent years, as airlines look for a bigger slice of travel revenues.

Air travel is a common means of reaching a foreign destination and the Canadian market is well connected with international destinations. The relatively high cost of Canadian airfares can be something of a deterrent for the most price-conscious travellers. Every year, a sizeable number of Canadians travel into the US to pick up a cheaper international flight abroad. The availability of direct flights can have a real impact on demand. Ireland witnessed strong growth in Canadian arrivals in 2014 after WestJet commenced direct flights rom Halifax to Dublin in 2014.


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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Market Drivers

        • Population
            • Figure 1: Canada’s mid-year population, 1950-2050
            • Figure 2: Canada’s population by age group, 2015, 2030 and 2045
          • Economy
              • Figure 3: Canada’s GDP at market prices, 2010-14
            • Exchange rates
                • Figure 4: Selected exchange rates against the Canadian Dollar, 2010-14
              • Tourism balance
                  • Figure 5: Canada’s tourism balance, 2010-13
              • Outbound Tourism

                • Arrivals
                    • Figure 6: Outbound trips made by Canadian residents, 2009-14
                  • Destinations
                    • The pull of the Caribbean
                      • Figure 7: Canadian overnight visits to top 15 foreign destinations, 2010-12*
                    • US
                      • New York and Florida biggest draw for Canadians
                        • Figure 8: Top 15 US states visited by Canadians, 2011-12*
                      • Mexico
                        • Cuba
                          • UK
                            • Dominican Republic
                              • France
                                • Italy
                                  • Germany
                                    • China
                                      • Spain
                                        • Jamaica
                                          • Netherlands
                                            • Hong Kong
                                              • Ireland
                                                • Australia
                                                  • Other Caribbean
                                                    • Figure 9: Canadian tourist arrivals at top 10 Caribbean destinations, 2013-4
                                                  • Other Americas
                                                    • Other Europe
                                                    • Market Characteristics

                                                      • Pre-booking behaviour and booking methods
                                                        • The role of the Internet
                                                          • Booking methods
                                                            • Demographics
                                                              • Purpose of visit
                                                                • Relaxed sun-seekers
                                                                  • Cultural trips
                                                                    • Visiting friends and relatives (VFR)
                                                                      • Cross-border shopping
                                                                        • Expenditure
                                                                            • Figure 10: Canadian expenditure by destination, 2011-12*
                                                                          • Length of stay
                                                                            • Seasonality
                                                                              • The weather influence
                                                                                • Figure 11: Canadian outbound trips to the US by quarter, 2013-14
                                                                            • Transport

                                                                                • Travel to the US
                                                                                  • Figure 12: Outbound trips to the US by mode of transport, 2013-14
                                                                                • Travel to all other overseas destinations
                                                                                  • Figure 13: Outbound trips to all other overseas destinations by mode of transport, 2013-14
                                                                                • Air
                                                                                    • Figure 14: Canadian international passenger airline market share by passenger volume, 2010-13
                                                                                  • Road
                                                                                    • Rail
                                                                                      • Sea
                                                                                      • Accommodation

                                                                                        • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

                                                                                            • Travel agencies
                                                                                              • Tour operators
                                                                                                • Transat
                                                                                                  • Sunwing
                                                                                                    • Air Canada Vacations
                                                                                                      • CanJet Vacations
                                                                                                        • WestJet Vacations
                                                                                                        • What Next?

                                                                                                          Canada Outbound - June 2015

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