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North America’s car-rental industry is holding its own, even though during the 2007-09 recession, the car hire companies, led by three major players, had to reduce fleet inventories to adjust to slack demand.

There are a number of reasons for these increases. The fortunes of the car-rental market are closely tied to those of the automotive industry and also the tourism industry. Both are major economic drivers and they have been growing.

The automotive industry has recovered from the financial downturn. Government loans helped to get it back on its feet and consumers, responding to pent-up demand, are once more buying (and renting) cars, flocking to auto shows to see what car makers have to offer.

As consumer confidence is returning, the tourism industry is also flickering back to life. In America, international tourism is dominated by Canadian arrivals (and vice versa).

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview of the North American Auto Industry

        • Car culture – past to present
          • Who are the drivers today?
            • Figure 1: US population by age group & gender, 2012
          • Negative effect of economic recession also hit young Americans
            • High unemployment rates among young
              • And in Canada too…
                • Figure 2: Canadian population by age group & gender, 2013
              • Has car ownership fallen out of fashion with the young?
                • Cars can be expensive
                  • A major economic driver nonetheless
                    • The auto industry faces post-recession challenge
                      • Auto production recovers and with it sales
                        • Auto shows boost sales
                          • Leading auto shows
                            • US
                              • Canada
                                • The Car Rental Show, 15-16 April 2014
                                • The North American Car-Rental Industry

                                  • Car-rental revenues rise
                                    • Figure 3: Value of the North American short-term car-rental market, 2009-14
                                  • ‘A flurry of mergers and acquisitions’
                                  • Car Rental in a Tourism Context

                                      • Figure 4: & tourism economy showing direct & indirect impact on employment & GDP, 2009-14
                                    • US – international tourist arrivals
                                      • Where do the tourists come from?
                                        • Figure 5: Top 10 source markets for international travel to the US, 2009-12
                                      • Fly/drive packages
                                        • Car-rental rates rise at US airports
                                          • Figure 6: Average daily car-rental rates at select US airports, 2012-13
                                        • Renters beware!
                                          • Canada – international tourist arrivals
                                            • Figure 7: Top 10 source markets for international travel to Canada, 2012
                                          • Have car will travel
                                            • Figure 8: Mode of transport of Canadian tourists travelling to the US, 2007-11*
                                            • Figure 9: Mode of transport of US residents travelling to Canada, 2008-12
                                          • Domestic tourism
                                            • Domestic travellers on the go
                                              • Figure 10: Total domestic person trips, 2009-14
                                              • Figure 11: Domestic travel & tourism spending in the US, 2009-14
                                            • Canada
                                              • Leisure travel remains strong
                                                • Domestic travellers like road trips
                                                  • Renting an RV not necessarily a car
                                                    • So who rents cars?
                                                      • Business travel
                                                        • The effect of business travel on the car-rental industry
                                                          • International business travellers save the day
                                                          • The Major Players in the Car-Rental Industry

                                                              • Figure 12: US car-rental market, average fleet sizes, number of locations & revenues, 2012
                                                            • Enterprise Holdings
                                                              • The strength of the Enterprise brand
                                                                • The Hertz Corporation
                                                                  • Avis Budget Group
                                                                    • Wooing the over-50s
                                                                    • Car Sharing Joins the Mainstream

                                                                        • What is car sharing?
                                                                          • Mobile technology makes booking easy
                                                                            • If you can’t beat ‘em…
                                                                              • Daimler AG – Car2Go
                                                                                • BMW – DriveNow
                                                                                  • Enterprise CarShare
                                                                                    • Hertz 24/7
                                                                                      • Avis ZipCar
                                                                                      • Rental Companies and Technology

                                                                                        • In-car communications
                                                                                          • Young drivers like high tech
                                                                                            • GPS receivers become more sophisticated
                                                                                              • Electronic toll programmes
                                                                                                • Electric vehicles prove to be disappointment
                                                                                                • The Rental Cars of the Future

                                                                                                  • What Next?

                                                                                                    About the report

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