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Carbonated Soft Drinks - Global Annual Review - 2017

Mintel’s Annual Overviews take a look back at 2016 and provide a detailed overview of the key issues faced by key categories through the year. Including; a full market overview, an in-depth review of the big stories from the year as well as our forecast for the future of these markets.

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Table of contents

  1. Overview

        • Figure 1: Carbonated soft drinks, fastest/slowest growing markets, by total market compound annual growth rates, 2011-15
        • Figure 2: Carbonated soft drinks, top five markets, by retail market volume, 2016*
        • Figure 3: Carbonated soft drinks, top per capita consumption, by retail market volume, 2016*
        • Figure 4: Carbonated soft drinks, new product launches, top five countries, 2016
        • Figure 5: Carbonated soft drinks, new product launches, top five claims, 2016
        • Figure 6: Carbonated soft drinks, global market performance
    • The Big Stories

        • Consumer scrutiny about ingredients spurs new CSD formulations
          • Figure 7: Attitudes towards carbonated soft drink ingredients, any agree, select European countries, 2016
          • Figure 8: Sugar and sweeteners used in global CSD launches, 2012 and 2016
          • Figure 9: Prevalence of diabetes and related risk factors, select Middle East and African countries, 2016
        • Category faces threat of regulation from sweetened drink taxes*
          • Figure 10: Total market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of carbonated soft drinks in countries with national sugar taxes, by volume, 2011-15
          • Figure 11: Total market size of carbonated soft drinks, by volume, Mexico, 2013-15
          • Figure 12: Changes in purchasing habits of carbonated soft drinks, Brazil, February 2016
          • Figure 13: Carbonated soft drink launches with low/no/reduced sugar claims, by % of launches, South Africa, 2012-16
          • Figure 14: Effects of the sugar tax on consumers’ behavior, UK, May 2016
        • Flavor innovations aim to recapture consumer interest in carbonated soft drinks
          • Figure 15: Top flavors (including blend) unordered in global carbonated soft drink launches, 2015/2016
          • Figure 16: Flavors of carbonated soft drinks consumed in the last month, select European countries, 2015
          • Figure 17: Consumers’ ideal carbonated soft drink flavors, us, april 2016
          • Figure 18: Attitudes towards carbonated soft drinks, select European countries, 2015
      • Notable Products

          • Leading carbonated soft drink companies roll out new twists on tradition
            • New takes on fruit flavors and a revival of an old brand mark innovations from large companies
              • Companies look to the produce aisle for inspiration for new fruit flavors
                • Familiar fruit flavors take new form in carbonated soft drink innovations
                  • Alterations in carbonation provide new experiences for carbonated drink fans
                    • Products provide new sensations through different carbonation
                    • Looking to the Future

                        • Consumers’ natural priorities increase the opportunity for juice as an ingredient
                          • Figure 19: Natural category claims made by global carbonated soft drink launches, 2016
                          • Figure 20: Attitudes toward natural carbonated soft drinks, select European countries, 2016
                        • Consumer interest in functional formulations offers innovation inspiration
                          • Figure 21: Top 5 functional claims made by global carbonated soft drink launches, 2016
                          • Figure 22: Attitudes toward functional formulations of carbonated soft drinks, Brazil, 2016
                          • Figure 23: Functional ingredients consumers would include in their ideal carbonated soft drink, US, 2016
                        • Companies turn to technology to connect with teens and young adults
                          • Figure 24: Brand repertoire behavior of popular food and drink categories, China, July 2015
                          • Figure 25: Top attributes associated with macro image of brands, UK, March 2016
                      • The Analyst’s View

                        Carbonated Soft Drinks - Global Annual Review - 2017

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