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Client testimonials

Our reports make a difference to our clients. Covering a wide range of markets and categories, we could be the insight behind your next big idea. But don't just take it from us, hear what our clients have to say.

"Mintel is really good for getting a handle on a particular category quickly. If we are working on a new business pitch in an area we don’t have much experience in, it’s a brilliant way to get up to speed with what’s going on, what’s changing and what the key trends are in any category.

It’s very rare now that anyone will plough through a 200-page report – that’s why the summaries are really useful. We know they are backed up by a lot of detail, so if you need to go into something in more depth you know the information will be all there for you."

Pauline Robson Managing Partner

“At Jackman, we believe that powerful strategies are based on human insight. Mintel’s leading edge reports and insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors are an important input as we develop and execute strategy.”

Alana Gavin VP Research and Insights

“We also use Mintel to inform our thinking and reinforce strategy. If you’re presenting new ideas, it’s essential they are underpinned by robust data and evidence, and clearly rooted in fact.

Mintel gives us all that. It’s a great brand and one that is trusted by clients.”

Marie Stafford European Director, The Innovation Group

“Mintel has helped in many ways and with many clients. It provides a road map for us when we set about looking at a business; it’s really helped us identify the path forward in solving our client’s challenges.

The infographic overview of a particular category is great for us as a snapshot we can put straight into our client presentations”

Tanvir Hannan SVP, Director of Strategic Research and Analytics

"There are research services that help you get smart about the big topics but that isn’t going to help you in a pitch. Then there are others that don’t necessarily get you smart but save you time. Finally there’s a third category that gets you smart about the major players and what the market is doing, and I have only really seen it from Mintel – I couldn’t hire someone for that amount of money to do all this.

We were once working with a client trying to create rich media persuading people to switch insurance, so we picked up a Mintel report that was actually titled Insurance Purchasing Decisions, and which looked at not only why people purchase insurance but also why they switch. It was like a piece of heaven fell from the sky for us. It was job done! It had everything we needed, but I feel those things happening all the time."

Ben Zeidler Director, Research and Analytics

"Mintel helps us when we want to know something quickly – it provides fast answers to our questions. If we need to get a view of what’s going on in a particular market it’s very useful.

When carrying out background research, I find Mintel an excellent starting point.

The fact that it covers so many markets is a big plus for me– instead of having to buy specialist products in each area we are interested in, especially when we only require a brief view on a particular market, we can go to Mintel for help as a one-stop shop. I find Mintel a useful and valuable resource."

Andrew Neeson Market Intelligence Manager

"When I’m investigating specific sectors I tend to use Mintel reports for their forecasting, which I’ve always found to be very accurate.

They also offer really broad and deep coverage in their reports. They are very, very detailed. For example, we were able to gain insight across a wide range of business areas from just one report, proving that Mintel is excellent value for money.

So overall, it’s the level of detail and the quality of forecasting that really stand out for me."

Rebecca Green Market Insight Manager

"One of the biggest challenges we face is the need to get smart on a business or category real quick.

We are talking to clients who live and breathe their category every day and the expectation is that we will be able to get caught up very quickly, and bring the thinking that can help them.

We need to do that often in a matter of days, so it’s not a small ask. Mintel gives us a very articulate view of category conditions and does so at the speed we need it."

Jeff White Business Development Director

"The way in which the reports are presented means you can jump straight to the sections that are most relevant to you, or indeed just read the Executive Summary.

The thing I love about the reports is that they don’t just throw data at you, there is always some dialogue about how Mintel think a category will perform in the future or the type of innovation they feel could invigorate the market."

Ayisha KoyenikanaProduct Research Manager