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Consumers and the Economic Outlook: Quarterly Update - US - April 2017

"With a new administration, a growing economy, and a relatively healthy jobs market, this Report addresses how consumers are feeling about their current financial situation. Through a series of questions that will be asked throughout 2017, Mintel has aggregated consumer opinion on their current finances, how they hope to improve their economic situation, and what they have purchased or plan to purchase in the next three months."
- Jennifer White Boehm, Associate Director - Financial Services

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Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • State of the Economy

      • US economy shows moderate, steady growth
        • Un- and underemployment continues downward trajectory
          • Figure 1: US unemployment and underemployment, January 2010-January 2017
        • New administration inspires consumer confidence
          • Figure 2: Consumer Sentiment Index, January 2010-January 2017
        • DPI dips slightly in 2017
          • Figure 3: Disposable personal income change from previous period, January 2007-Jan 2017
        • CPI up over 2% from 2016
          • Figure 4: Consumer Price Index change from previous period, January 2010-January 2017
      • Current Financial Situation

        • Most consumers view their finances positively
          • Figure 5: Opinion on current financial situation, February 2017
        • Average US salary nearly $70,000 per year, increases with age
          • Figure 6: Income before taxes and average annual expenditure, by age, 2015
        • Older consumers, especially men, are the most comfortable with their finances
          • Figure 7: Opinion on current financial situation, by gender and age, February 2017
        • Whites, Asians feel the most secure with their finances
          • Figure 8: Opinion on current financial situation, by race/ethnicity, February 2017
      • Changes in Financial Wellbeing

        • Consumers don’t see large financial changes looming
          • Figure 9: Change in financial situation over next 12 months, February 2017
        • Younger consumers most likely to think they’ll be better off next year
          • Figure 10: Improvement in financial situation, by age, February 2017
      • Improving Finances

        • Saving money is most popular method for economic improvement
          • Figure 11: Economic situation improvements, February 2017
        • Consumer age, lifestage affect view on importance of costs and education
          • Figure 12: Willingness to lower cost of living, by age, February 2017
        • Affluent consumers to rely more on investing to improve finances
          • Figure 13: Employment or investment economic improvement, by household income, February 2017
      • Spending Plans

        • Consumers continue to add to their savings, while planning on domestic travel
          • Figure 14: Savings plans, February 2017
          • Figure 15: Spending plans, February 2017
        • Few big-ticket purchases on the immediate horizon
          • Figure 16: Lack of intent to purchase big-ticket/expensive items, by household income, February 2017
        • Young consumers hope to travel internationally
          • Figure 17: Previous and intent to travel internationally, by age and gender, February 2017
      • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

        • Data sources
          • Consumer survey data
            • Abbreviations and terms
              • Abbreviations

              Consumers and the Economic Outlook: Quarterly Update - US - April 2017

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