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"Economic improvement continued at a relatively steady clip as a new presidential administration took office at the beginning of the year. While there have been natural catastrophes and tragedies throughout the US, the economy has generally remained stable and any expert predictions continue to be optimistic."
- Jennifer White Boehm, Associate Director - Financial Services

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Year in Review

    • State of the Economy

      • In summary: 2017
          • Figure 1: Key economic indicators, November 2017
        • GDP continues to increase
          • Figure 2: GDP change from previous period, based on chained 2009 dollars, Q1 2016-Q3 2017
        • Un- and underemployment end year under 2016 numbers
          • Figure 3: Unemployment and underemployment, January 2016-October 2017
        • Consumer confidence ends Q3 over 100
          • Figure 4: Consumer Sentiment Index, January 2016-October 2017
      • Current Financial Situation

        • Financial situation considered most healthy in the summer
          • Figure 5: Opinion of current financial situation, Q1-Q4 2017
        • Men are more confident with their current finances
          • Figure 6: Opinion of current financial situation, by age and gender, November 2017
      • Changes in Financial Wellbeing

        • No significant changes in financial wellbeing throughout the year
          • Figure 7: Changes in financial situation, Q1-Q4 2017
        • Younger consumers still most optimistic about their future financial plans
          • Figure 8: Expected changes in financial situation, by age and gender, November 2017
        • City-dwellers most enthusiastic for 2018
          • Figure 9: Expected changes in financial situation, by geographic area, November 2017
      • Improving Finances

        • Saving money remains top economic improvement factor, with investing gaining popularity
          • Figure 10: Top five factors to improvements to financial situation, Q1-Q4 2017
        • Young consumers continue to focus on self-reliance for economic improvement
          • Figure 11: Self-reliant factors to improvements to financial situation, by age and gender, November 2017
      • Spending Plans

        • Past spending habits show general, though slight, downward trend
          • Figure 12: Saving and spending habits overall, Q1-Q4 2017
          • Figure 13: Where money is spent, Q1-Q4 2017
        • Adding to savings, domestic travel most frequent in the fall of 2017
          • Figure 14: Past expenses, November 2017
        • Older consumers save while younger consumers cut back
          • Figure 15: Past expenses, November 2017
          • Figure 16: Past expenses, November 2017
        • Looking ahead, consumers estimate fewer savings, spending
          • Figure 17: Saving and spending habits overall, Q1-Q4 2017
          • Figure 18: Where money will be spent, Q1-Q4 2017
        • Holidays impact travel plans, debt reduction
          • Figure 19: Future spending or savings plans, November 2017
        • Young men and women plan to save for the next quarter
          • Figure 20: Future savings plans, November 2017
          • Figure 21: Future spending plans, November 2017
        • Most do not intend to purchase luxury items or travel internationally this season
          • Figure 22: Not done and no intent to do, November 2017
      • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

        • Data sources
          • Consumer survey data
            • Abbreviations and terms
              • Abbreviations
                • Terms

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