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Perhaps because of this, eco-accommodation in Europe is regarded as a niche tourism product, both in terms of the kind of holidays it facilitates and concerning its overall contribution to Europe’s tourism industry. By contrast, while eco-accommodation in other regions may be categorised as niche, in Latin America, Africa and Asia, establishments of this type often represent a prominent slice of the accommodation offer.

Despite not being as strong a sector in Europe as elsewhere around the globe, eco-accommodation on the continent is nevertheless growing in strength, as is evidenced by an ever-increasing number of eco-accommodation properties. Simply by broadening its understanding of the term eco-accommodation, the European tourism industry has circumvented its disadvantages and differentiated its eco-accommodation product offer away from natural attractions towards more culturally based assets.

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

          • Definition
            • Principles, guidelines and characteristics
              • The Québec World Ecotourism Summit 2002
                • A model of eco-accommodation guidelines
                  • Areas of in-practice responsibility that define eco-accommodation
                    • Development
                      • Local sourcing
                        • Energy
                          • Water and waste water
                            • Environment
                              • Social projects
                                • Education
                                  • Carbon management
                                  • Types of Eco-Accommodation in Europe

                                      • Eco-camps
                                        • Eco-gîtes
                                          • Eco-hotels
                                            • Eco-luxury
                                              • ‘Soft’ and ‘hard’ European eco-accommodation
                                                • Case study: The Hoopoe Yurt Hotel
                                                  • Industry insight: Henrietta Hunt, co-owner, The Hoopoe Yurt Hotel
                                                  • The European Eco-Accommodation Sector

                                                      • Europe’s tourism market
                                                        • Arrivals
                                                          • Figure 1: Arrivals in ten most visited countries globally, 2000-09
                                                          • Figure 2: International tourist arrivals by UNWTO regions, 1990-2009
                                                        • Indicators of the European eco-accommodation market
                                                          • Experiential tourists
                                                            • Adventure tourism
                                                              • Figure 3: UK holiday trips to Scotland, visitor activities undertaken, 2009
                                                            • Nature-based tourism
                                                              • Figure 4: Estimates of the contribution of nature-based tourists to tourism in Scotland, 2010
                                                            • Independent travellers
                                                              • Figure 5: UK outbound independent versus all overseas holidays, by volume and value, 2005-15
                                                              • Figure 6: Independent holidays, top UK outbound short-haul destinations, by number of visits, 2004-09
                                                            • Rural tourists
                                                              • Figure 7: Domestic UK trips, by type of destination, 2006-09
                                                            • Luxury travellers
                                                              • Figure 8: UK luxury travel tourists, by regional destination of last holiday, 2005-09
                                                            • Short-break holidays
                                                              • Figure 9: Domestic UK trips, by length of stay, 2006-10
                                                          • Marketing Eco-Accommodation in Europe

                                                              • Targeting experiential tourists
                                                                • Profiles and characteristics of ecotourists
                                                                  • Educational or expeditionary nature tourists
                                                                    • Dedicated or nature-nuts tourists
                                                                      • Mainline nature tourists
                                                                        • Casual nature tourists
                                                                          • Baby Boomers
                                                                            • Profiles and characteristics of European adventure tourists
                                                                              • Soft adventurers
                                                                                • Hard adventurers
                                                                                  • Figure 10: Important factors when choosing a holiday, by type of independent holiday, 2010
                                                                                • Luxury travellers
                                                                                  • Figure 11: UK luxury tourists, number of nights spent away on a luxury holiday, 2005-09
                                                                                • Short-break holidaymakers and last-minute bookers
                                                                                  • Digital eco-accommodation booking
                                                                                    • Agents
                                                                                      • Ecoclub SA
                                                                                        • Responsible Travel
                                                                                          • Greentraveller
                                                                                            • Public tourism promotion websites
                                                                                              • The Greenbox
                                                                                                • VisitScotland
                                                                                                  • Industry insight: Stephanie Woodward, senior European and programme development executive, VisitWales
                                                                                                    • Public relations
                                                                                                    • What Next?

                                                                                                      • Acquisition and consumption of water
                                                                                                        • Carbon management and eco-accommodation
                                                                                                          • Double-dip recession
                                                                                                            • Eco-accommodation trails
                                                                                                              • High-value staff and employment
                                                                                                                • Part-time eco-accommodation

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