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Frequently asked questions

Online purchase

How can I access a report immediately?

  • Purchasing a report with a credit or debit card through the online store will enable you to have instant access to the report. We use Stripe to process all card transactions.

How do I place an order?

  • Browse the reports and then click the Add to Cart button to begin the ordering process. The Shopping Cart will hold this product and any other choices until you decide to proceed to checkout. You can access your Shopping Cart from the cart link to the right of the Welcome message and your name on the overhead part of any page. Once you have completed your choices here, click the Complete Order button.

What types of payment are accepted?

  • CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD: Your payment will be processed securely by Stripe. You will have immediate access to the report(s) purchased. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
    INVOICE: You will be contacted to confirm and gain access to your order. Please note: you will not have immediate access to the report(s).

Is it safe to purchase online?

  • Yes, our website is tested daily by the security system McAfee and we are trusted by more than 5,000 businesses worldwide.
    Additionally, all our online transactions are securely managed by Stripe.

What is the report format?

  • All reports come in a PDF. Additional formats are also included in the purchase, please see the "What you get" section on every specific report page for the full breakdown.
    Example (files included in a consumer market report):
    Report formats

I am a student, can I receive a report for free?

  • Mintel works with the world’s leading universities to provide robust insight and recommendations for students. Please check with your librarian whether you university has access to Mintel.

I don’t need a full consumer report. Can I just purchase a specific section?

  • Each individual Mintel consumer report features an exclusive blend of consumer research with trustworthy data and expert analysis. The report is designed to give you a full overview of the market and therefore cannot be divided into specific sections.

    If you need a more indepth look at a market, our reports come in three formats, Market Sizing, Global Annual Review and Consumer Reports designed to cater to your individual needs. For more information about what each of these cover please visit this page.

I think my company has a Mintel subscription, how can I access these reports?

  • If you already have a subscription to Mintel, please visit this page and log in to your account to find out what you have access to. For further information, please contact you account manager.

Is there a discount for multiple purchases?

  • Discounts are available when purchasing more than one (1) consumer market report:

    Simply get in touch via live chat and we can provide a unique promotional code.

Report content

What is your methodology?

  • Mintel is an independent market analysis company that prides itself on supplying objective information on a whole range of markets and marketing issues. To see a more detailed view of the methodology for our report series in each region, please visit this page.

Can I receive a sample report?

  • Due to the high volume of reports published, we cannot provide a sample for each report. However if you’d like to see an example of a Mintel report, you can find our most recent sample reports on this page.

Once purchased, am I able to ask the analyst any follow up questions?

  • Yes, purchasing the report entitles you to access to our analysts for any subsequent questions you may have..

Can I access the previous versions of the report I purchase?

  • Yes, when you purchase a Mintel report you gain access to the previous reports in the series. For example, when you purchase our Chocolate Confectionery 2016 report you will also be able to view our 2015 report and those prior.

Why choose a Mintel report?

  • Mintel has been defining and refining the Market Intelligence Mix ever since 1972, offering our clients a unique perspective on the consumer landscape and a clear roadmap to navigate it with. Each report combines exclusive research, trustworthy market data and expert analysis, providing you with the tools you need to grow your business.

    Want to know more? You can find out more information about our reports, methodology and client testimonials.

Choose the right report

Is this the latest edition of a consumer report?

  • To find out whether the consumer report you are going to purchase is the latest version available, click on the "Newer/Older Editions" link beneath the report title, a list will appear showing all other editions of that report in chronological order. Latest edition

What reports type are available?

  • Mintel reports come in three formats:

    Consumer Reports - Consumer reports combine exclusive consumer research with trustworthy market data and expert analysis.
    Market Size Reports - Providing you with a comprehensive overview of the market size and share in your industry.
    The Future Of - Providing an overview of the past year and forecast what to expect in the year ahead.
    Read more here.

What is the structure of a report?

  • Each consumer market report provides an in-depth look into your market, including market drivers and segmentation, consumer attitudinal and behavioral research, an overview of brand activity and innovation and market opportunities. All reports come with a databook that breaks consumer research down demographically and an Executive Summary highlighting the key points from the report.

    For a detailed overview of the contents of our reports, please visit this page

    Our Global Annual Reviews provides a global overview of the market performance, including the fastest growth areas. We give you an overview of the biggest stories, notable products, a look to the future and our expert analyst’s view.

    Our Market Size reports delve into the need-to-know across an extensive range of global markets, including market size, segmentations, shares, company and brand details and socio-economic data.

I can’t find the right report, what can I do?

  • Our search bar should be your first port of call, however if you are still unable to find a relevant report please contact us.

About Mintel

Why syndicated research?

  • Syndicated research, research that is typically survey-based and created independently by a market research provider, enables buyers to obtain a clear overview of the business sector in question. Using a sample that is sufficiently large and appropriately weighted provides a scalable picture of the market as a whole, from which relevant and actionable intelligence can be derived. Thus highlighting the full range of issues facing the sector in question, enabling buyers to take advantage of emerging opportunities or ready themselves for potential future threat. Read more.

What is market intelligence?

  • Market intelligence is what sets us apart and defines us as a brand. Of course there’s data, and there’s market research, but there is also market analysis, competitive intelligence, product intelligence and, most importantly, the expertise to combine these elements in an expert synthesis that generates insight and recommendation rooted in cast-iron fact.

After purchase

Can I have a refund?

  • Please be sure to read all available information about a report before you place your order. Due to the nature of the information being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept returns of products once they have been delivered or downloaded. Please see more information about our refund policy.