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Food NPD - UK - November 2009

Innovation is one of the major drivers of the food market and innovation itself is driven by broader social and cultural trends. Two trends – towards convenience and towards healthier eating – have helped reshape the UK food sector over the past decade. UK eating habits have received massive attention, as has the manner in which food is produced – we are what we eat, and how we move our food from field to table has a real impact on the planet and on the lives of food producers. All these issues have affected NPD in the food sector.

This report examines consumer attitudes towards new product development, buying new food products, and brand loyalty and looks at the levels of NPD in a number of food markets as well as product positioning claims. The specific markets covered in this report are ready meals, cheese, meat products, fish products, vegetables and sweet biscuits.

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Table of contents

  1. Issues in the Market

      • Consumer research
        • Abbreviations
        • Market in Brief

          • Better for you
            • And environmentally on-message
              • Value and age
                • Ready meals and home cooking
                • Internal Market Environment

                  • Key points
                    • The diet and health imperative
                      • The ethics of eating
                        • Premium and economy
                          • Reluctant cooks and busy snackers?
                            • Figure 1: Eating patterns, by country, 2008
                            • Figure 2: Eating patterns, GB, 2004-08
                          • Open to innovation – but brand-loyal
                            • Figure 3: Attitudes towards new products, by country, 2008
                            • Figure 4: Attitudes towards new products, GB, 2004-08
                          • Quality rated above price – but for how long?
                            • Figure 5: Attitudes towards shopping, brands and pricing, by country, 2008
                          • Attitudes by demographics
                            • Figure 6: Attitudes towards new products in GB, by demographic sub-group, 2008
                            • Figure 7: Attitudes towards new products in GB, by demographic sub-group, 2008
                          • Food expenditure
                            • Figure 8: UK household final consumption expenditure on food, current prices, 2004-08
                            • Figure 9: UK household final consumption expenditure on food by sector, £m, current prices, 2004-08
                        • Broader Market Environment

                          • Key points
                            • Demographic trends not encouraging
                              • Figure 10: Structure of the UK population, by age and gender, 2004-14
                            • Rising affluence helps premium
                              • Figure 11: UK population, by socio-economic group, 2003-13
                            • The future's with smaller households
                              • Figure 12: Trends in UK household size, 2004-14
                            • The economy
                            • Leading Food Markets for New Product Development

                              • Key points
                                • Figure 13: Percentage of new product development in selected food markets, by country, 2006-09
                                • Figure 14: Top product categories for new product development in food, percentage, 2006-09
                              • Food
                                • Figure 15: Retail value sales of ready meals, 2004-14
                                • Figure 16: Retail value sales of cheese, 2004-14
                                • Figure 17: Retail value sales of meat products, 2004-14
                                • Figure 18: Retail value sales of fish products, 2004-14
                                • Figure 19: Retail value sales of vegetables, 2004-14
                                • Figure 20: Retail value sales of sweet biscuits, 2004-14
                              • Factors used in the forecast
                              • Leading Product Claims for New Product Development

                                • Key points
                                  • Figure 21: Top 20 claims for new product development in food, 2006-09
                                • Selling what isn't there
                                  • Freedom is indivisible
                                    • Convenient cookability
                                      • Snacking it up
                                        • The healthier the better
                                          • At a premium
                                            • But also back to basics…
                                              • Ethical responsibility
                                              • Leading Companies for New Product Development

                                                • Key points
                                                  • Retailers lead the way
                                                    • Figure 22: Top companies for new product development in food, 2006-09

                                                Food NPD - UK - November 2009

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