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France Outbound - July 2012

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ranks France as the world’s fifth most important outbound tourism market by expenditure. The reasons for this are manifold and include the fact that many French people have a reasonably high level of disposable income, a generous holiday entitlement (often this is officially 25 days, although many employees are able to extend this to 40 days due to regulations surrounding the 35-hour working week) and the fact that there are 11 nationwide public holidays in France.

The value of the French outbound tourism market underlines a cultural shift that has gradually seen the number of French people travelling overseas increase. In 2012, France had an estimated population of 65.4 million. Mintel estimates that the volume of outbound travel that year was around 24.6 million trips. Estimated expenditure was in excess of €29 billion. The French generally look for quality accommodation, food, excursions and other holiday-related experiences. As such, per-trip spending tends to be high.

Recently, many French people have cut their holiday expenditure by travelling closer to home, reducing the number of holidays they have in a year, or curtailing the length of stay. However, they want to make as few compromises as possible when it comes to their main holiday. As a result, many French people are keen to secure a good deal, using price comparison websites and booking late in order to take advantage of last-minute deals and special offers.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Market Drivers

        • Population
          • Population growth
            • Figure 1: Mid-year population estimates in France, by year, 1950-2050
          • Demographics of the population
            • Figure 2: Mid-year population estimates in France, by age and gender, 2012 and 2050
          • High birth rate
            • Women and employment
              • French households
                • An ageing population
                  • Ethnic diversity
                    • Economy
                      • Figure 3: French gross domestic product, 2006-12
                    • Exchange rates
                      • Figure 4: Selected exchange rates against the Euro, 2006-12
                    • Tourism balance
                      • Figure 5: International tourism and receipts, 2006-12
                      • Figure 6: Expenditure by international tourists in France, 2006-12
                      • Figure 7: Domestic travel and tourism spending in France, 2006-12
                  • Outbound Tourism

                    • Arrivals
                      • Figure 8: Outbound travel from France, 2006-12
                    • Destinations
                      • Figure 9: Outbound travel* from France, by region, 2006-12
                    • Africa
                      • Figure 10: French outbound tourism* to key African destinations, 2006-12
                    • Tunisia
                      • Morocco
                        • Americas
                          • Figure 11: Outbound travel* from France to key destinations in the Americas, 2006-12
                        • US
                          • Figure 12: French arrivals in the US, 2003-12
                        • Canada
                          • Asia and Oceania
                            • Figure 13: Outbound travel* from France to key destinations in Asia and Oceania, 2006-12
                            • Figure 14: French arrivals in selected destinations in Asia and Oceania, 2006-12
                          • China
                            • India
                              • Europe
                                • Figure 15: Outbound travel* from France to key European destinations, 2006-12
                                • Figure 16: French arrivals in key European destinations, 2006-11
                              • Spain
                                • Italy
                                • Market Characteristics

                                  • Pre-booking behaviour and booking methods
                                    • Internet usage
                                      • Travel planning
                                        • Travel booking
                                            • Figure 17: Volume of travel* for personal reasons, and reservation methods, 2006-12
                                          • Demographics
                                            • Figure 18: Demographics of French tourists in Britain, 2010
                                            • Figure 19: Demographics of French tourists in Australia, 2009*
                                            • Figure 20: Demographics of French tourists in Malta, 2010
                                          • Purpose of visit
                                            • Figure 21: France outbound tourism*, by purpose of visit, 2006-12
                                            • Figure 22: Arrivals into the UK, Malta and the US from France, by main purpose of visit, 2010
                                          • Expenditure
                                            • Figure 23: French tourism expenditure*, domestic and international, 2006-12
                                          • Length of stay
                                            • Figure 24: Duration of stay by French leisure tourists*, short and long trips, 2006-12
                                            • Figure 25: Duration of stay by French business tourists, short and long trips, 2006-12
                                            • Figure 26: Average length of stay by country of visit*, 2008-12
                                          • Seasonality
                                            • Figure 27: Seasonality of French outbound travel*, 2009-12
                                        • Transport

                                            • Figure 28: Outbound travel from France*, by mode of transport, 2006-12
                                          • Air
                                            • Passenger traffic
                                              • Figure 29: Air passengers* at French airports, by flight destination/origin, 2006-12
                                            • Airports
                                              • Figure 30: Top ten airports in France, by number of international departures, 2006-12
                                              • Figure 31: Number of destinations flown by international scheduled airlines originating from Paris CDG, May 2012
                                            • Air France-KLM
                                              • Figure 32: Cities served by Air France routes operating from Paris CDG, May 2012
                                            • Low-cost carriers
                                              • Figure 33: Passengers on low-cost carriers travelling to and from France, 2007-12
                                            • Road
                                              • Figure 34: Driving distances between select French and European cities, 2012
                                            • Rail
                                              • Sea
                                                • Figure 35: Global cruise passengers sourced from France, 2005-12
                                            • Accommodation

                                                • Figure 36: Types of accommodation used by French tourists abroad, 2006-12
                                            • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

                                                • Generalists
                                                  • Specialists
                                                    • Coach-tour operators
                                                      • Associations and agency networks
                                                      • What Next?

                                                        France Outbound - July 2012

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