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Holistic Retreats in the Americas - International - June 2019

“While spas and wellness have grabbed the headlines in recent years, the exponential growth of holistic retreats has attracted little attention. Yet, with the pace of life getting faster and renewed interest in the meaning of life and spirituality, more people than ever before are visiting retreats – to reflect, heal, grow, change or just switch off from 24/7 connectivity. As the world’s largest retreat market, the Americas offer a bewildering choice of thousands of holistic retreats spanning a wide spectrum of experiences, themes and destinations for all ages and budgets.”
– Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

          • Holistic retreats and the evolution of holistic tourism in the Americas
            • Figure 1: Principles of holistic wellness, 2019
          • The holistic-tourism market in the Americas
            • Figure 2: Definitions of holistic tourism, 2019
        • Holistic Retreats in the Americas

              • Figure 3: Holistic-retreat definitions, 2019
            • Holistic-retreat categories
              • Wellness resorts/retreats
                • Figure 4: Typical daily schedule at wellness resort, 2019
              • Destination spas
                • Yoga retreats
                    • Figure 5: Yoga retreat numbers in the Americas, 2019
                  • Spiritual retreats
                    • Religious retreats
                      • Plant healing retreats
                        • Women-only retreats
                        • Holistic Retreat Practices and Therapies

                          • Yoga
                            • Healing and therapeutic treatments
                              • Mindfulness
                                • Meditation
                                  • Transcendental meditation
                                    • Silent meditation
                                      • Counselling and personal development
                                        • Figure 6: Time to Focus on Us – a suggested couples retreat itinerary, 2019
                                      • Medicinal treatments
                                        • Physical and creative activities
                                        • Holistic-Retreat Tourists

                                            • Figure 7: Reasons given for going on a retreat, 2019
                                          • Demographics
                                            • Figure 8: Types of holistic tourists, 2019
                                          • The spirituality of older adults
                                          • Geographical Characteristics

                                            • North America
                                              • The United States
                                                • New Age
                                                  • Yoga retreats
                                                    • Examples of holistic retreats in the US
                                                      • Figure 9: Esalen values, 2019
                                                      • Figure 10: A typical daily IMS Retreat Center schedule in 2019
                                                    • Canada
                                                      • Examples of holistic retreats in Canada
                                                        • Mexico
                                                          • The Mexican tenazcal
                                                            • Examples of holistic retreats in Mexico
                                                              • Central America
                                                                • Figure 11: Fuelling the Trend for Unusual and Holistic Wellness Destinations, 2014
                                                              • Examples of holistic retreats in Central America
                                                                • South America
                                                                  • Examples of holistic retreats in South America
                                                                  • Key Players in the Holistic Retreat Industry

                                                                    • The Internet and social media
                                                                      • Retreat Finder – spiritual and healing retreats directory
                                                                        • Book Retreats
                                                                          • Body Soul Spirit Expo
                                                                            • The Wellness Tourism Association (WTA)
                                                                              • Methodology
                                                                              • What Next?

                                                                                • More research needed
                                                                                  • Five major trends in wellness travel
                                                                                    • WOCHR

                                                                                    Holistic Retreats in the Americas - International - June 2019

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