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Hotel Technology - International - June 2010

This report examines the hotel technology sector, highlighting current developments and future trends. An overview of the main technology-based systems used in the hotel sector is first of all presented. Distribution systems, hotel-facing systems and guest-facing technologies are then discussed in detail to demonstrate the relatively basic nature of the technologies being used. Key challenges in managing hotel technology are then discussed, followed by a presentation of the industry’s short- and medium-term priorities.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

          • Figure 1: Overview of major hotel information technology-based systems, 2009
      • Distribution Systems

          • Figure 2: Evolution of distribution channel sales*, 2004, 2007 and 2010
        • Global Distribution Systems
          • Figure 3: Characteristics of the major global distribution systems, 2009
        • Web-based distribution
          • Figure 4: Online activities of American adults, 2001-09
          • Figure 5: Comparison of distribution channel management software products, 2010
      • Hotel-facing Systems

          • Front-of-house systems
            • Food and beverage management systems
              • Recipe-costing systems
                • Stock-control systems
                  • Electronic point-of-sale systems
                    • E-procurement systems and the hotel sector
                      • Conference and banqueting systems
                      • Guest-facing Systems

                          • Electronic door-locking systems
                            • Energy-management systems
                              • Call accounting and telephone systems
                                • High-speed Internet access
                                  • Television-based services
                                    • In-room safes
                                      • In-room refreshment centres
                                        • What facilities do hotel guests actually want?
                                          • Figure 6: Guest satisfaction with hotel technology based systems and amenities, 2009
                                        • Back office systems
                                        • Key Issues in Managing Hotel Technology

                                            • Figure 7: Key challenges with Managing hotel technology, 2007*
                                          • Inadequate communications infrastructure
                                            • System vendor complacency
                                              • Systems integration
                                                • Reducing distribution system complexity
                                                • What Next?

                                                    • Figure 8: Short-term priorities of senior technology managers in international hotel chains, 2007*

                                                Hotel Technology - International - June 2010

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