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Mintel’s Annual Overviews take a look back at 2016 and provide a detailed overview of the key issues faced by key categories through the year. Including; a full market overview, an in-depth review of the big stories from the year as well as our forecast for the future of these markets.

  • Growth remains solid if not spectacular in the key global ice cream markets
  • While established markets like the US and UK are struggling for growth, India and China are posting notable increases
  • Nestlé and R&R Ice Cream have completed their joint venture to create Froneri, presenting new competition for Unilever

Growth across the major global retail ice cream markets remains steady. Those countries which enjoyed the strongest growth between 2015 and 2016 were generally found in thriving economies in Asia and South America, and have a small share of the overall market. There are some eye-catching performances, though. The rapidity with which India’s ice cream market is expanding is worth noting, and in 2017 volumes are set to overtake those of more established markets including the UK, according to Mintel data. The low per capita consumption of retail ice cream in India, demonstrates the exciting potential in what is the world’s second most populated country, although competition from street vendors should not be underestimated.

The situation remains similarly positive in China - the fastest annual rise since 2013. This contrasts with the second biggest ice cream market, the US, where volume sales have been flat for a second consecutive year. The concerns felt by consumers in the US about sugar in their diets have dampened usage of ice cream, but gelato and other overtly indulgent brands are faring well. This illustrates how consumers in the US, and other developed markets like the UK and Australia, are happy to occasionally overlook healthy principles if the quality of the ice cream is suitably indulgent. And in Germany, growth was fuelled by hot summer weather and also non-dairy innovation.

As far as company activity is concerned, the joint venture between Nestlé and R&R Ice Cream was completed in October 2016 to create Froneri. Headquartered in the UK, Froneri will operate in 22 countries around the world, and aim to compete with global ice cream leader Unilever in the race to establish presence in emerging regions, and foster renewed growth in established markets. The potentially lucrative markets of Asia will surely be enticing to Unilever and Froneri, although competition from domestic brands is strong, and innovation is often tailored to local tastes.

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Overview

        • Figure 1: Ice cream, global market performance
        • Figure 2: Retail market volume for ice cream, top five markets, 2016*
        • Figure 3: Retail market for ice cream, fastest/slowest growing markets, CAGR, past five years
        • Figure 4: Ice cream, retail market per capita consumption, 2016*
        • Figure 5: Ice cream, new product launches, top five claims, Asia Pacific, 2016
    • The Big Stories

        • Volumes fade in mature markets, but premium brands thrive in the US and UK 
          • Figure 6: Consumption of tubs of standard ice cream (eg 1 litre tubs) in the past 12 months, by select European country, 2015-16
          • Figure 7: Ice cream, leading brands, sales and share by volume, UK, 2014/15 and 2015/16
        • Ice cream brands experiment with plant power, as vegan launches edge up
          • Figure 8: Agreement with the statement, ‘I am actively reducing my consumption of, or avoiding, dairy,’ by select European country, 2016
        • Vanilla prices reach record highs
          • Figure 9: Global ice cream launches, by presence of natural vanilla flavouring ingredient, 2009-16
      • Notable Products

          • Not just for kids: ice cream sandwiches target adults
            • Not just for kids: ice cream sandwiches target adults
              • Ice cream brands raid the drinks cabinet
                • Ice cream brands raid the drinks cabinet
                  • Premium sorbets convey a natural, unprocessed charm
                    • Premium sorbets convey a natural, unprocessed charm
                    • Looking to the Future

                        • Greater attention can be paid to the quality and provenance of chocolate
                          • Figure 10: Global ice cream launches, by top ten flavours, 2016
                          • Figure 11: Agreement with statement, ‘I'd pay more for ice cream that contains chocolate made by chocolatiers (eg lindt, bonnat, godiva),’ by select European country, 2016
                          • Figure 12: Innovation in chocolate confectionery which consumers have not tried, yet would be interested in trying, France, 2016
                        • Portion controlling to be more the norm, aided by consumer interest in bite sizes
                          • Figure 13: Share of ice cream launches featuring ‘mini’ in the description or title, by region, 2012-16
                          • Figure 14: Agreement with the statement, ‘I would approve of manufacturers reducing the size of single-serve ice cream to bring the calories down to 250 or less,’ by age group, UK, March 2016
                          • Figure 15: Agreement with the statement, ‘Ice cream should be available in small, one-bite sizes (eg nuggets, miniatures),’ by select European countries, 2016
                        • Asia and Middle East will continue to provide inspiration to Western markets
                          • Figure 16: Ice cream and frozen novelty interest, by demographics, Canada, March 2016
                          • Figure 17: Global ice cream launches bearing a halal claim, by country, 2016
                      • The Analyst’s View

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