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Baby Food and Drink - Indian Consumer Report

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Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the Baby Food and Drink market, and the behaviours, preferences and habits of the consumer.

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What are the key challenges facing the industry? Who is the consumer and what do they want? Where are the opportunities, where are the risks and what lies ahead?

What you need to know

Challenges galore for Indian baby food

Indian mothers prefer fresh homemade food (59%) for their babies as they feel it gives them control over what they feed their kids (27%). Plus, 27% also feel that packaged baby food is expensive. Many consumers probably don't know what options exist since there is a blanket ban on any kind of advertising of packaged baby food.

Focus on improving clean claims, visibility

Highlight and prove clean label credentials to win appeal among young Indian mothers. There is quite a bit of mistrust with regard to the quality of packaged baby food, as agreed to by 25% of moms with young children. On-pack proof is vital as is a wide presence at points of sale to counter the advertising ban.

Make baby foods affordable and familiar

Focus on offering baby snacks that Indian parents can relate to and – more importantly – afford. 33% of urban mothers say that they would be encouraged to buy more packaged baby food if it were at an affordable price. Locally made products can help in terms of bringing prices down.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

Written by Ranjana Sundaresan, a leading analyst in the Food & Drink sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Safety will become the most important feature for the growth of the baby food market in the country in the coming years. Among Indian mothers with children aged 0-4 years, 27% say that making baby food at home is the safest way to control what a child eats. Ranjana Sundaresan
Food & Drink Analyst

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Table of contents

  1. executive summary

    • key trends

      • Key drivers
      • [Graph] India: Retail volume sales growth year-on-year, baby food, 2013-17
      • Global trends and how they are playing out in India
      • [Graph] India: Select features actively looked for on packaged food/drinks product labels, February 2018
    • Consumer insights

      • What Indian babies are being fed
      • [Graph] India: Items fed to youngest child before they turned 2 years, May 2018
      • [Graph] India: Regional breakup of types of food given to babies under 2 years, May 2018
      • [Graph] India: Types of packaged food given to babies aged 0-2 years, May 2018
      • The case for clean label
      • [Graph] India: Top tasks women with children aged 0-4 want help with, May 2018
      • [Graph] India: Agreement with select statements regarding recommendations about food given to babies, May 2018
      • [Graph] India: Agreement with statements about the quality of packaged baby food, May 2018
      • What mothers want
      • [Graph] India: Purchase motivators linked to ingredient features, May 2018
      • [Graph] India: Purchase motivators for packaged baby food linked to trust, May 2018
    • market application

      • Opportunities
      • [Graph] India: Baby food launches by sub-category, 2018
      • [Graph] India: Select clean label claims, baby food, 2015-18
      • [Graph] Global: Select clean label claims, baby food, 2015-18
      • Who's innovating
      • Global innovators
    • appendix

      • MINTEL Indian consumer – OTHER REPORTS AVAILABLE