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Report Introduction:

This report provides an overview of the current state of the Indian luxury hotel sector and offers some insights into its future development. In contrast to many developing countries (for example China), India has a long tradition of luxury hotel-keeping, stretching back over a century, to 1902, when one of the country’s leading chains – Taj Group – was founded. Currently, there are five Indian hotel groups, namely: ITC Hotels; the LaLiT Suri Hospitality Group; Leela Group; Oberoi Hotels and Resorts; and Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces, all actively competing in the luxury segment, as well as some prominent independent properties. Several of the major international luxury brands, such as Kempinski, Starwood’s Luxury Collection and Le Méridien flags, Four Seasons, InterContinental, Hyatt and JW Marriott, have also entered the Indian market – frequently in partnership with local hotel groups.


Some key findings from the report include:

  • How many hotels are there in India, which are graded five-star deluxe or are members of the international luxury hotel consortium, Leading Hotels of the World (LHW)? What are the differences in terms of the level of service delivery within this broad and varied group of hotels.
  • Where do India's luxury hotels tend to be located?
  • What is the client base of five-star deluxe hotels? How does the exchange rate of the Rupee against the US Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound affects demand for the hotels? Is it also affected by the economic climate in important source markets such as the US, the UK and Western Europe.
  • While there is undoubtedly great potential for expanding hotel capacity in India, what are the most interesting investment opportunities?
  • Is it likely that there will be overcapacity developing – at least in the short term – in luxury accommodation in many key Indian destinations that are already well served? How is competition from foreign luxury hotel operators faring as they progressively enter the market?
  • There is an impending labour shortage - how is this affecting hotel margins and operations such as salaries?
  • How are Loyalty or frequent-guest schemes operated by Indian luxury chains performing? What scope do they have?




Liqueurs - UK - January 2012

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What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

      • Key findings
      • Data Sources

        • Overview

          • Slowing growth due to rising interest rates
            • Outlook for exchange rates
              • Rupee seen strengthening
                • Figure 1: Exchange rate forecast, December 2011
              • Outlook for spending on travel and tourism in India
                • Figure 2: Outlook for travel and tourism expenditure in India, 2011-21
              • Incoming arrivals and receipts
                • Figure 3: Trend in incoming arrivals and receipts, 2000-11
              • Hotel performance in 2011
                • Figure 4: Upscale and luxury hotel performance in India year-to-date – November 2011 vs November 2010
            • The Indian Luxury Hotel Marketplace

                • Figure 5: Indian luxury hotels, 2011
              • Five-star grading standards
                • Standards specific to the five-star deluxe category
                  • Facility configuration
                    • Figure 6: Typical room configuration/food & beverage outlets for average five-star deluxe hotels, FY 2009/10
                  • Human resources
                    • Figure 7: Average percentage of trained employees per hotel in India, FY 2009/10
                  • Upward pressure on wages
                    • Food and beverage directors get the biggest raises
                      • Figure 8: Percentage increase in median salaries between FY 2010/11 and FY 2007/08 in first-class & luxury hotels in India
                    • Staff/room ratio coming down
                      • Occupancy, average rate and RevPAR
                        • Figure 9: Trend in five-star deluxe hotel occupancy, 2003-11
                      • Averages rates off their peak
                        • Figure 10: Trend in five-star deluxe hotel average rates, 2003-11
                        • Figure 11: Trend in five-star deluxe hotel RevPAR, 2003-11
                      • Five-star deluxe hotels more seasonal
                        • Figure 12: Average occupancy by month for five-star deluxe hotels, FY 2009-10
                        • Figure 13: Average occupancy by day of the week for five-star deluxe hotels, FY 2009-10
                        • Figure 14: Breakdown of hotel revenues in India, 2005/06-2009/10
                      • Client segmentation
                        • Figure 15: Five-star deluxe hotel guests segmented by travel purpose & length of stay, FY 2009-10
                        • Figure 16: Detailed segmentation of Five-star deluxe hotel guests by travel purpose, FY 2009-10
                        • Figure 17: Source markets of incoming guests at Indian five-star deluxe hotels*, FY 2009-10
                      • Distribution channels
                        • Figure 18: Breakdown of bookings by channel for five-deluxe hotels, FY 2009/10
                      • Marketing mix
                        • Figure 19: Percentage of five-star deluxe hotels using each advertising media/channel, FY 2009/10
                      • Means of payment by clients
                        • Figure 20: Means of payment and credit-card commissions in five-star deluxe hotels, FY 2009/10
                      • Use of technology
                        • Figure 21: Percentage of five-star deluxe hotels using each technology, FY 2009/10
                    • Profiles of Major Luxury Hotel Operators in India

                        • ITC Hotels
                          • ITC brands
                            • ITC Luxury Collection
                              • WelcomHotels
                                • Fortune Hotels
                                  • WelcomHeritage
                                    • ITC’s hotel portfolio
                                      • Figure 22: ITC Hotels’ portfolio by brand and asset management structure, 2011
                                    • Loyalty schemes
                                      • Club ITC
                                          • Figure 23: Programme benefits, 2011
                                        • WelcomLink
                                          • ITC Hotels Executive Travel Value Plan
                                            • LaLiT Suri Hospitality Group
                                              • Palaces and ITDC properties in portfolio
                                                • Mumbai InterContinental and Great Eastern Kolkata
                                                  • First overseas projects and opening in Kerala
                                                    • Leela Group
                                                      • Figure 24: Leela Group’s hotel portfolio, 2011
                                                    • Oberoi Hotels and Resorts
                                                      • Oberoi’s luxury hotel portfolio
                                                        • Figure 25: Oberoi’s hotel portfolio by type and location, 2011
                                                      • Oberoi’s Trident portfolio
                                                        • Property affiliation structure
                                                          • Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development
                                                            • No frequent-guest scheme but punctual special offers
                                                              • Development strategy
                                                                • Projects under construction or development
                                                                  • Dubai and Marrakech
                                                                    • Converting Rajgarh palace into luxury hotel
                                                                      • An Oberoi and Trident for Hyderabad
                                                                        • Other projects
                                                                          • EIH’s expanded partnership with RIL
                                                                            • Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces
                                                                              • Taj’s geographical dispersion
                                                                                • Figure 26: Taj-branded hotels by country/region and city/location, 2011
                                                                              • Jiva Spas
                                                                                • The auspicious bath
                                                                                  • Private jet and catering services, as well as education
                                                                                    • Taj’s frequent-guest programme
                                                                                      • Enrolment
                                                                                        • Earning points
                                                                                          • Soft benefits
                                                                                            • Spending possibilities
                                                                                              • Two other loyalty programmes
                                                                                                • A US$15,000 suite
                                                                                                  • Foreign luxury hotel group presence
                                                                                                    • Four Seasons
                                                                                                      • Hyatt
                                                                                                        • Marriott/Ritz-Carlton
                                                                                                          • A Ritz-Carlton coming to Bangalore
                                                                                                          • What Next?

                                                                                                              • New hotels under development
                                                                                                                • Figure 27: Luxury hotel pipeline by Indian city, 2011
                                                                                                              • Ongoing labour shortage
                                                                                                                • Staff retention a problem
                                                                                                                  • Amanresorts in play?

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