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    Innnovation is appealing to aircare consumers who prioritise affordability and sustainability. Aromatherapy and 'clean'/natural formulas are also valued.Luke Santos, Household Care and Brand Analyst ..."
    While the income squeeze has benefited cream and flavoured milk as consumers limited dining out, the dominant white milk segment has faced cutbacks, likely linked to people reducing food waste. Rising confidence should stem further cuts in the short term, however, easing inflation will see value growth ebb.Longer term, rising..."
    The US shaving and hair removal market is expected to surpass $3.8 billion in 2024, exhibiting limited growth. Adjusted for inflation, the market is experiencing a decline, necessitating a focus on value propositions beyond price. Brands must emphasize long-lasting results, time savings and improved skin health to attract cost-sensitive consumers...."
    Consumer confidence continues to be fragile, but it has been trending upwards since late 2022. While some tech products such as smartphones have become near essentials, the adoption of new technologies with high early price points will require strong financial confidence. Longer term, the deflationary nature of technology will feed..."
    Almost 80% of consumers are satisfied with fast casual restaurants overall, demonstrating their strength across the foodservice industry. With relatively stable traffic this year compared to the dips seen at full-service restaurants,, fast casuals are in a good position to up the momentum by leveraging what they excel at (value,..."
    Consumers spend their leisure time and budget in many different ways, from home-bound, digital pursuits like streaming video, music and social media to out-of-home entertainment like movies, concerts and sports, to more participatory activities like arcade gaming, sports/exercise and theme parks. This $1tn market is expected to experience consistent moderate..."
    Two years removed from the country's worst bout of inflation in over four decades, the US economy has defied expectations. Prices continue to exhibit signs of being on a deflationary path, the labor market remains resilient, wage growth is solid, along with real GDP continuing to display healthy quarterly increases.Income..."
    In India, more than four in 10 consumers have experienced skin conditions. Although acne remains a top skin concern, many also experience dry skin. There is an opportunity to target those experiencing both acne and dry skin with skincare solutions for combination skin.Indian consumers who have encountered skin issues find..."
    Better-for-you and clean-label recipes continue to be key themes in water innovation, along with a shift away from plastic packaging. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    The cost of living crisis and its impact upon household incomes has seen more people shopping around for deals and savings financial products. This has increased the role of data sharing further, with consumers able to more readily see the most suitable products and gauge their odds of approval. However,..."
    Household care sector is a needs-based market, meaning consumer engagement is likely to remain stable regardless of financial circumstances. In the face of rising living costs, the key to sustained success lies in prioritising value. Packaging can significantly contribute to this by, for instance, designing systems that minimise environmental waste,..."
    Dessert and confection flavors and ingredients play a more holistic role beyond simply appealing to taste buds. Around 1 in 2 dessert and confection consumers agree that texture and mood influence dessert experiences and flavor choices, suggesting that taste is just one of the senses part of indulgence experience equation...."