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    Leverage long-lasting results, wellness associations, multifunctionality, eco-friendliness and the power of AI to motivate consumers to invest in beauty devices.Henrike Philipp, Associate Analyst ..."
    Besides satisfying basic safety and efficacy needs, beauty device brands can look into customisation in advanced skincare solutions to broaden consumer profiles.Amy Jin, Senior Research Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, China ..."
    “Makers and marketers of beauty devices can attract users by promoting affordability, educating consumers on the benefits of usage and positioning products as part of self-care wellness. To help the category continue to grow, it’s important that players don’t forget to promote the enjoyment and fun of using new beauty..."
    “The value of the beauty and grooming devices, tools and accessories category continued to grow in 2022, supported by a continued preference for products that enhance efficacy in BPC. Rising energy bills present an opportunity for brands within the electrical space to drive trading-up behaviours by emphasising the longer-term benefits..."
    “After a few years’ rapid growth, the market has recorded a decrease for the first time, reflecting consumers’ reserved attitudes in making large spending and their reluctance in purchasing devices with basic functions such as hydration or cleansing. It is important for device brands to keep exploring ways to persuade..."
    “The category’s association with wellness, self-care and fun will need to be leveraged as a way to motivate consumers to expand their beauty device repertoires. Price sensitivity driven by cost of living increases will force many Canadians to cut down on discretionary purchases including beauty devices. Highlighting versatile features, added..."
    “Consumers’ rising needs for beauty devices to tackle specific skin issues have resulted in increased usage of various types in the last year, among which basic items like cleansing devices and hydration devices have seen the largest user base expansion. This reveals trade-up is not the only trend in the..."
    “Pandemic circumstance – whether through stay-at-home trends, interest in wellness, or financial concerns – has had both negative and positive implications on the beauty device category. Moving forward, the category’s strong association with wellness, self-care and fun could propel growth, even as we move into recovery. Multifunctional benefits can also..."
    Advanced technologies will thrive the anti-ageing device market with the interest of consumers wanting to use it at-home. Hwa Jun Lee, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    “Innovation has driven demand for beauty/grooming devices, tools and accessories in recent years, and the value of the market was further boosted by COVID-19 as consumers embraced DIY alternatives in place of professional treatments. The category’s non-discretionary nature and ties to wellbeing will buoy demand going forward, but consumers will..."