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    Post-pandemic recovery and inflation have increased spend in the market, but long-term growth is set to slow, meaning there is a need to boost engagement. Maddie Malone, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Professional beauty treatments are a part of many routines thanks to widespread availability across pricing tiers and locations, creating competition for spend. Jennifer White Boehm, Director, US BPCH Reports ..."
    Beauty and hair treatments continue to be essentials for many Germans. Even during an economic squeeze, few users plan to switch to lower-priced or DIY treatments. Susanne Krenz, Principal Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    “The prioritized recovery needs for cosmetic surgery takers are hydration and repairing skin barriers. But consumers think they are savvy enough and tend to judge the product efficacy by checking repairing ingredients contained rather than relying on medical seal and for post-surgery claims. Non-invasive skincare procedures are still the most..."
    “Post-COVID-19 recovery is expected to continue within professional treatments in 2023, with the sector set to return to pre-pandemic value levels in 2025. Recovery will be hindered by value-led attitudes amid the ongoing income squeeze, signalling opportunity to cater for those on a budget with cheaper treatment options. Longer-term, treatment..."
    “To occupy the post-cosmetic surgery skincare market, brands can position themselves as a supplement after cosmetic surgery which can prolong the effects from cosmetic surgery, provide high efficacy skincare products focusing on basic hydrating and repairing, cater to consumers’ simplified but delicate skincare philosophy.”– Jane Chai, Research AnalystKey issues..."
    “Professional beauty services faced a tough year in 2020, witnessing a 40% value decline to £4.8 billion. With venues obligated to close during lockdowns and operating on reduced capacity in between, treatment frequency was impacted. The full reopening of the sector in the second half of 2021 bodes well for..."
    “In-salon hair services have been a major casualty of the COVID-19 outbreak, with value dropping by 45% in 2020 to £4.3 billion. As their customers have learned to live without them at home, hair professionals will have to embrace this change to survive. Create expert tutorials, personalised products, and partnerships..."
    Lower the hygiene barrier in beauty and grooming services to regain traffic, whilst tapping into convenience and innovation that serve in-home beauty needs.Chayapat Ratchatawipasanan, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    “The pandemic caused an immediate disruption to salons and spas and caused a change in consumers’ needs and routines within the category. This change in needs and behavior will continue moving forward as some consumers have grown more comfortable doing things on their own or receiving fewer treatments. To maintain..."
    “The beauty service market in China has embraced a period of macro-environment changes with stricter regulation and more transparent information. Consumers’ demand has not been dampened by COVID-19, while they also need real proof in this result-driven market. The interest in technological innovation brings opportunity, while the involvement of online..."