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    India's clean beauty landscape will see free-from claims diversify and plant-based claims drive the natural narrative. Overall, proving efficacy remains crucial. Tanya Rajani, Principal Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, India ..."
    An established segment of the BPC market, "clean and conscious" product concepts evolve to support consumer desire for trust, safety and affordability. Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Boost awareness of and confidence in clean beauty by prioritising safe, natural formulations, reinforced by advanced technology and scientifically backed ingredients. Engage consumers via authentic sustainability actions.Chayapat Ratchatawipasanan, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Increase Ayurvedic facial care use by catering to skin health needs and modernising with science. Promote Ayurvedic makeup by establishing its skin-safe credentialsTanya Rajani, Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst, India ..."
    Build stronger ingredient narratives and use an eco/ethical approach to grow the clean beauty movement. Broaden appeal by positioning it as ideal for sensitive skin.Tanya Rajani, Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst, India ..."
    “Beauty companies and brands simply can’t be all things to all people when it comes to defining ‘clean.’ There is a notable shift toward people aligning how and what they consume with their values. The ‘clean’ beauty movement plays into this shift and the subjectivity of its definition allows consumers..."
    "The clean beauty movement has been conquering Brazilian consumers, as they are more aware of the impact of their consumption on the environment and value brands and products that are consistent with their moral values. In addition to the concepts involving ethics and sustainability, the movement reinforces consumers’ search for..."
    Unify and clarify the definition to kickstart clean beauty in Thailand and put the focus on product efficacy and lifestyle integration to prolong engagement.Chayapat Ratchatawipasanan, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Provide a clearer understanding of clean beauty and guide the movement by using an ingredient-led approach and establishing it as being safer than regular beauty.Tanya Rajani, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst - India ..."

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    “In spite of its recent backlash, consumer perception toward clean beauty is largely positive. The majority of consumers view clean products as safer than mainstream, and some even demonstrate a willingness to pay more for clean products. However, as competition in the space increases, claiming to be “clean” will not..."
    “The expectations surrounding clean brands have expanded considerably from simple formulation claims to now include sustainability and social initiatives. Consumers are seeking brands that are safe to use for themselves, but that will also create a positive impact for the wider world around them. The pandemic prompted many to reprioritize..."
    Fuel the growth of the nascent organic and vegan BPC industry by educating consumers, providing proof of efficacy and winning their trust.Triveni Kulkarni, Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."