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    Stakeholders must thread the needle of appealing to teen/tween priorities while providing peace-of-mind to guardians on safety, cost and age-appropriate messaging. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    Makeup remained resilient in 2023, but as consumers discover, shop and converse about cosmetics on social media, brands must modernize their approach. Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Colour Cosmetics - US by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2023. This market covers eye, face, lip and nail colour cosmetics for women. It excludes nail varnish remover, medicated products including lip salves and cosmetics hardware such as false eye..."
    Evaluating the consumption patterns, behaviors and attitudes toward the beauty and personal care industry with a focus on women 40+. Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Beauty for Black consumers is simple. They want products that are accessible, affordable and effective for themselves and their families. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    An established segment of the BPC market, "clean and conscious" product concepts evolve to support consumer desire for trust, safety and affordability. Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Professional beauty treatments are a part of many routines thanks to widespread availability across pricing tiers and locations, creating competition for spend. Jennifer White Boehm, Director, US BPCH Reports ..."
    “US consumers are focusing on value, but they are still looking to influencers for ways to most efficiently spend their money. Consumers are taking beauty influencers’ recommendations, but they’ve become accustomed to free content. As brands continue to work with beauty influencers – and influencers continue demanding to be paid..."
    “The rich heritage of Asian culture has transformed the beauty industry, with products drawing on century-old traditions as well as cutting-edge innovations. Not surprisingly, Asian Americans are important drivers of the beauty industry. This diverse, influential audience includes high-income shoppers and highly engaged beauty aficionados. Winning the Asian American audience..."
    “Overall color cosmetics usage has declined, challenged by time constraints, waning interest and the mainstay of hybrid lifestyles. That being said, the market is predicted to proceed with resilience as brands deliver against interest in facial skincare claims, convenience and multi-functionality. In a cost-conscious environment, value is the name of..."
    “Makers and marketers of beauty devices can attract users by promoting affordability, educating consumers on the benefits of usage and positioning products as part of self-care wellness. To help the category continue to grow, it’s important that players don’t forget to promote the enjoyment and fun of using new beauty..."
    “Beyond traditional perceptions and ideals (ie, race, gender, age), the definition of a diverse beauty brand becomes more nuanced. Expanding diversity to include people with physical/mental challenges is a fairly new concept, but one that is extremely important. Developing products to suit the needs of a small cohort of physically..."