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    NPD uses wellness to appeal to men in EMEA, while scalp care is an opportunity in APAC. Sustainability is a must-have in NA, while LATAM sees more beauty enhancing. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst - BPC Innovation ..."
    The men's sector is evolving, with retail sales (MULO) expected to exceed $6 billion in 2024. APDO and skincare/bodycare categories are seeing significant growth as key demographics look to skincare rituals and holistic body care practices that complement their overall wellness objectives. At the heart of this transformation is a..."
    Address the skincare innovation gap with men-tailored products promoting preventive ageing. Seize opportunities in anti-ageing haircare and holistic acne solutions. Chayapat Ratchatawipasanan, Principal Analyst ..."
    Expand haircare with targeted, easy-to-use solutions. Upgrade involved men's routines with acne care and establish a unique 'men-specific' identity in BPC. Tanya Rajani, Principal Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, India ..."
    “Products that can easily uplift appearance or charisma like hairstyling products and perfume still obtained men’s majority affinity while leaving facial skincare products with lower usage penetration and usage frequency. But the continuous market cultivation and accumulated skincare knowledge have gradually allowed them to build up a habit of checking..."
    German men are very budget conscious when buying hair and skincare products. Brands need to prove their worth to encourage them to look beyond their €10 price cap. Susanne Krenz, Principal Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    “Men’s haircare and facial skincare benefitted from expected value growth in 2022, boosted by inflationary price rises. Brands can combat savvy shopping behaviours amid the current income squeeze and strive to add value in ways beyond price, whether this be around purchase experience or loyalty rewards, for example. Innovation in..."
    Build preventive skincare to enhance men's facial care routine, position grooming as self-care and use appearance and self-image to boost product usage. Tanya Rajani, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst - India ..."
    Men are becoming more engaged with beauty as self-care trends take off along with more gender fluidity. Men are open to more product and scent options. Sirinar Puppachat, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Sustainability, convenience and wellness themes continue to inspire innovation in men's grooming. A niche men's makeup segment can make further inroads in Asia. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst - BPC Innovation ..."
    “With Awakening Apprentices being the connection between Self-image Indifferents and Image Management Veterans (consumer segments identified in this Report), brands could approach men in the BPC world following a progressive way and enhance their sophistication step by step. On top of efficacy, emotional benefits could be the key to further..."
    “After the men’s category experienced a decline in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retail sales are expected to see significant growth in 2022, an almost 20% increase since 2020. While some of this can be attributed to a rebalance in the market and the functional nature of the category,..."