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    Macroeconomic headwinds will continue to impact demand in 2024. However, the higher end of the market is expected to show resilience, requiring astute market targeting. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    Economic growth is expected to be restrained over the next two years. This will likely hold back the recovery in key end-use sectors, including housebuilding and RMI activity. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    While consumer interest in residential small scale renewables is on the up, upfront costs and a shortage of qualified installers remain key barriers to adoption. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    Despite current market challenges, the decarbonisation drive will support sustained growth in the thermal insulation market. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    “After a prolonged period of growth, the COVID-19 disruption is now being followed by economic turmoil and the sector is returning to its cyclical roots. The UK continues to have a substantial shortfall of housing, but consumer affordability, availability of land in high demand areas, a highly dysfunctional planning process..."
    “The net zero objective, supported by the Heat and Buildings Strategy, will undoubtedly transform residential central heating in the UK. However, these are the very early stages of the transformation away from fossil fuel reliant systems, and the early adoption of heat pumps has been substantially below government targets for..."
    “The cost of living increases are now mitigating against the important, but mature, replacement sector that was previously disrupted by the pandemic, but then recovered strongly. The most heavily impacted households by the cost of living crisis are not the primary target market of the replacement industry, but mortgage cost..."

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    “The construction sector regularly exaggerates GDP changes, and with recent substantial macroeconomic movements relating to Brexit, the pandemic and now inflation/higher interest rates, market movements have been significant as have supply chain and skill availability issues. It also serves vastly different sectors of the economy, all of which have very..."
    “Across public build projects there will be a wider adoption of modern methods of construction to reduce on-site disruption, increase efficiencies and speed up the site programme. Future projects will also see a significant focus on decarbonisation and energy efficiency in order to meet clients’ sustainability targets and support the..."
    "The ceramic tile market entered a period of very strong demand following the initial highly disruptive impact of COVID-19. Even after the initial pent-up demand, conditions remained favourable and demand was very strong. However, conditions in 2022 are changing strongly as the year progresses, and the prospects for 2023 and..."

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    “COVID-19 strongly disrupted plumbing product markets in the first half of 2020, but there was a strong recovery in the second half of the year that continued into 2021, though with less impact from pent-up demand. The first half of 2022 has held up surprisingly well in the face of..."
    “The recent buoyancy in thermal insulation demand in the private housing RMI sector is now strongly challenged by the fuel cost inflation pressure. However, soaring energy costs also provide a positive impetus for thermal insulation demand, especially affordable measures such as loft insulation and draught proofing as homeowners look for..."