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    “The government’s commitment to infrastructure spending to drive economic growth, its commitment to the levelling-up agenda, the need for decarbonisation and infrastructure resilience in the face of climate change and the progression towards the Net Zero by 2050 target should ensure sustained growth in the civil engineering sector over the..."
    “The mechanical and electrical engineering sector suffered strongly at the outset of the pandemic, but then recovered strongly. While 2021 still reflected pent-up demand from the COVID-19 interruption, 2022 has also witnessed strong demand. The strength of that demand has weakened as the year has progressed with the worsening economic..."
    “The government’s commitment to infrastructure spending as part of the economic recovery from COVID-19, the ’levelling-up‘ agenda and the need to progress towards Net Zero Carbon by 2050 should ensure sustained growth in the civil engineering sector over the coming years.The government has pledged significant investment in the UK’s infrastructure...."
    “The combination of technological advances, Brexit, COVID-19 and the emerging policies surrounding net zero are all having a profound impact on the M&E sector. Accompanying these huge influences is a new government emphasis on infrastructure in an effort to stimulate the economy. The market is set for growth and at..."
    “Infrastructure investment will have a key role to play in the economic recovery from COVID-19, both by maintaining jobs in the short term, and creating the conditions for long-term sustainable growth.The government has recently brought forward capital investment in infrastructure, decarbonisation and maintenance projects and committed £27 billion to economic..."
    “COVID-19 has impacted demand for M&E services strongly during 2020. However, the recovery prospects for the end-use markets vary significantly, with some expecting a rapid recovery, others a gradual growth in demand while some have been structurally altered, with long-term implications for demand. Climate change and human emissions of greenhouse..."