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Consumer Lifestyle Marketing and Promotion Market Research

Mintel's consumer lifestyles, marketing and promotion reports keep you at the cutting edge of change - in how people live and how brands can reach them. From health and leisure to financial behaviour and social attitudes - and the influence of brands on each - our analysis and insight helps you know your consumers better than they know themselves. It's the best lifestyle choice your business can make.

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  1. Managing a healthy lifestyle – Germany – 2019

    • Consumer Report
    • November 2019
    • Germany

    There is an urgent need for concerted efforts by the government, businesses and brands to change people’s perceptions about what constitutes being healthy.

    Heidi Lanschützer, Food & Drink Analyst, Germany


    • Market context
    • Mintel predicts
    • What consumers want, and why
    US $2,490.00 (Excl.Tax)
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  2. German Consumer Lifestyles: Food and Health - July 2012

    • Consumer Report
    • July 2012
    • Germany

    This is the first in a twice-yearly series of reports that analyses consumer data from four European countries – France, Italy, Spain, Germany – and forms part of the European Consumer Lifestyle series. The analysis will focus on consumers from each country, and identify and ...

    US $1,612.28 (Excl.Tax)
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  3. Pharmaceuticals in Germany (2011) – Market Sizes

    • Market Data
    • September 2011
    • Germany
    Pharmaceuticals in Germany by Mintel Global Market Navigator provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2011. This market covers prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals. It excludes sales to institutions such as hospitals, care homes and ...
    US $373.50 (Excl.Tax)
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3 Item(s)