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    While 60% of German consumers agree that single-use cleaning products are bad for the environment, 47% struggle to tell which products are actually sustainable. This confusion is likely caused by the lack of standardised sustainability claims, and brands should therefore..."
    This report looks at the following areas:Consumers' outfit preferences for different occasions, sources of outfit inspiration and style preferences: as consumers move between ever more diverse everyday occasions and the lines between these occasions become increasingly blurred, their demand for versatile outfits is growing, further fuelling the popularity of clothes..."
    The cost of living crisis has seen sustainability become less of a priority for many. Improving confidence will support interest in this issue regaining momentum in food and drink. 23% of UK shoppers list buying more sustainable products among the top three changes they expect..."
    As the cost of living crisis eases, the holiday market volume is expected to reach new heights. The ageing population, who tend to be more affluent, will bode well for the sector. However, older travellers will need more encouragement to become more sustainable travellers. Brands focusing on offering sustainable packages..."
    72% of Germans use convenience food & drink products, rising to 90% of 16-34s. Usage declines with age, however, which must be addressed in light of Germany's ageing society. There is growing demand for more natural ingredients in convenience food & drink, with 50% of category users agreeing that such..."
    AI's emergence can help deliver new services for consumers. However, brands need to focus on delivering accuracy and safeguarding from its downsides.Joe Birch, Technology Analyst ..."
    Thrive amidst inflationary pressure with an affordable nutrition proposition, enhanced in-store efficiency, and quality fresh foods online.Rashmika Khanijou, Senior Analyst ..."
    German consumers’ health is yet to recover amid multiple crises, calling for brands to continue to support consumers in living healthily. For example, by offering multifunctional immune boosters and affordable fitness with added benefits. Katharina Kirsch - Analyst..."
    2024 will be another year of cautious spending, but while many Brits feel downbeat about ongoing crises, they are focusing on the positives in their own lives. Francesca Smith, Senior Research Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles ..."
    As Americans continue to contend with inflation and the tight housing market, consumers are eager for change and the opportunity to splurge where they’re able. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."
    Limiting products' perceived tradeoffs relative to homemade can deepen engagement among consumers already sold on the convenience and quality they bring to the table. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    Home is where the heart is – but home is getting smaller and costlier. Housing affects the entire market, meaning all companies should consider its implications.Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."