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    This report looks at the following areas: This Report investigates the following topics and their impacts on Brazilian lifestyles: Changes on spending and purchase behaviors Impacts on the economy, work, education, household composition, health and wellbeing, and environment and sustainability Category overview: the main highlights and trends on food, alcoholic and..."
    Our German lifestyles market research shows that brands that position themselves as a source of reassurance and support will be appreciated by German consumers as they navigating through a time of polycrisis. For example, by counting on familiar brand claims or offering moments of escapism. Dr. Jennifer Hendricks, Senior Analyst -..."
    AI's emergence can help deliver new services for consumers. However, brands need to focus on delivering accuracy and safeguarding from its downsides. Joe Birch, Technology Analyst ..."
    German consumers’ health is yet to recover amid multiple crises, calling for brands to continue to support consumers in living healthily. For example, by offering multifunctional immune boosters and affordable fitness with added benefits. Katharina Kirsch - Analyst..."
    2024 will be another year of cautious spending, but while many Brits feel downbeat about ongoing crises, they are focusing on the positives in their own lives. Francesca Smith, Senior Research Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles ..."
    As Americans continue to contend with inflation and the tight housing market, consumers are eager for change and the opportunity to splurge where they’re able. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."
    Home is where the heart is – but home is getting smaller and costlier. Housing affects the entire market, meaning all companies should consider its implications.Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    Generation Z have a complicated relationship with social media but the influence it has on their purchasing behaviours and lifestyle is unquestionable. Francesca Smith, Senior Research Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles ..."
    Health remains a top priority for Gen Z in Germany. Brands and employers that embrace the mind-body connection and help manage health resources in innovative ways, for example through mixed-reality workouts for fitness, will resonate with this consumer group. Katharina Kirsch - Analyst..."
    Germans' sentiment about digital technology is ambivalent (eg data protection, impact of AI on society). Brands that embrace a balanced approach (eg offline options) and promote digital inclusion will win them over. Dr. Jennifer Hendricks, Senior Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles, Germany ..."
    Most Americans host and it's something they take pride in. Tighter budgets may limit spending, but consumers will still look to brands to make hosting easy and fun. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    Transform homes into cosy spaces. Enhance the value of at-home products with cost-saving benefits. Foster a platform for users to exchange home product experiences. Wilasinee Siriboonpipattana (Kaimook), Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, Thailand ..."