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    Confidence may be improving, but the early months of 2024 have brought more of the same for the UK retail sector, with consumer spending still curtailed.Nick Carroll, Category Director - Retail Insight ..."
    2023 saw an explosion in the capability of generative AI and consumers are growing increasingly uneasy. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    A fifth of UK consumers bought electricals in the three months to January 2024, the highest since at least the start of 2018.Thomas Slide, Category Director - Media and Technology ..."
    As an emerging product, foldable smartphones still need to enhance consumer awareness through clear and professional marketing content, and attract potential buyers through photography and multitasking scenarios enabled by flexible folding and large screens.Toby Xu, Research Analyst, Technology and Media, China ..."
    In a world full of conflicting information, consumers want to receive clear and objective advice on food and drink.Laura Menegon, Analyst Food & Drink, LATAM ..."
    Our German car consumer market report shows that new technologies and demographic changes are affecting how consumers feel about cars and are prompting leading car brands to explore more holistic mobility options. Katharina Kirsch - Analyst..."
    Packaging is crucial for creating a positive customer experience and conveying a brand’s unique selling points.Ana Paula Gilsogamo, Senior Analyst Food & Drink, Latam ..."
    The evolution of consumers' approach to wellness, coupled with brands' BFY innovation, encourages consumers to have their cake and eat it, too. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    Three quarters of Brits headed away on holiday during the 2023 summer period. The holiday market is remaining resilient during the cost of living crisis.Jennie Bryans, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    In this era of continued uncertainty, online shopping is not only a means to obtain desired goods, but also a way to experience immediate gratification and add more enjoyment to life.Binyan Yao, Research Analyst, Retail, China ..."
    Microsoft is keen to add ChatGPT technology in cars, which would take the experience to the next level for the 25% of consumers who use voice control in cars.Zach Emmanuel, Technology Analyst ..."
    Eating healthily is a priority for many, although with food inflation being a particular challenge, linking health to value matters. Joel Gregoire, Associate Director of Food & Drink Reports..."