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Brands can utilise Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with consumers’ ethics and values.

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    The cost of living crisis sees consumers forced to prioritise price – a threat to ethically and sustainably sourced food and drink products.Brian O'Connor, Category Director - Irish Reports ..."
    Charities are navigating a challenging giving environment, but can focus on embracing flexible donating and volunteering, building trust and engaging young donors. Francesca Smith, Senior Research Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles ..."
    As conscious consumerism rises, Thais look to food and drink brands to champion their causes. Acting on this consumer expectation opens up opportunities to win. Pimwadee Aguilar, Associate Director Food & Drink - Thai Consumer ..."
    “Brazilian consumers worry about global warming and its consequence and expect companies to take concrete actions to tackle it. However, they show little knowledge of terms related to the topic and reluctance to spend more on sustainable products and services.”–   Laura Menegon, Research AnalystThis Report discusses the following..."
    "Businesses have a lot to think about when it comes to the broad concept of ethical retailing, with issues ranging from sustainability and efforts to counter climate change to social aspects such as equality and diversity. The current cost-of-living crisis has moved these issues down the priority list for many..."
    "While there is certainly the potential for the retailing of ethical product to be adversely affected by the ongoing cost of living crisis, the onus is on retailers to demonstrate to their customers that, by purchasing ethical products, they can still find ways of saving money, whether through products lasting..."
    "Concern for the environment and the cost-of-living squeeze are coming together to boost ethical retailing in Spain although consumers are not keen on paying more for ethical products, challenging brands to provide concrete, quantifiable certification to justify the higher price. There are opportunities for retailers in budget-focused sustainably-driven services like..."
    "With growing sustainability awareness ethical retailing has emerged as one of the most dynamic areas of the European retail landscape in recent years. Fuelled by shifting consumer priorities, we are seeing ethical and sustainability credentials and initiatives becoming ever more important. To leverage the opportunities presented retailers need to invest..."
    "Shopping for ethical products has become less of a priority for consumers due to the cost-of-living crisis and in a climate where the price of a product is more important than how ethical it is, retailers need to work hard at convincing the value of ethically produced products over standard..."
    "As the country continues to recover from several years of unprecedented turmoil, Americans’ outlook on the country remains fairly bleak. Many question the moral health of the country and anticipate American values will worsen in next 20 years. Despite a growing generational divide in Americans’ sense of patriotism and national..."
    Thais value eco and social efforts, but during a financial crisis, brands need to drive ethical choices that promote cost-cutting while showcasing genuine ethical commitment.Wilasinee Siriboonpipattana (Kaimook), Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, Thailand ..."
    Germans want to shop responsibly and ethically, but as they have tighter budgets due to the cost-of-living crisis, resales offer retailers new opportunities. Carolin Jaretzke, Associate Director, Retail, Automotive, Finance, Insurance, Germany ..."