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    The growing number and severity of extreme climate events around the world is increasing consumers' sustainability awareness and concerns. However, consumers' self-reported everyday sustainability considerations and priorities have remained consistently nominal since 2023. In addition to the higher costs generally associated with sustainability, consumers' skepticism and confusion – particularly in..."
    The cost of living crisis has seen sustainability become less of a priority for many. Improving confidence will support interest in this issue regaining momentum in food and drink. 23% of UK shoppers list buying more sustainable products among the top three changes they expect..."
    As the cost of living crisis eases, the holiday market volume is expected to reach new heights. The ageing population, who tend to be more affluent, will bode well for the sector. However, older travellers will need more encouragement to become more sustainable travellers. Brands focusing on offering sustainable packages..."
    Financial services brands must foster trust and improve transparency if they are to encourage consumers to make more sustainable financial decisions. Charlie Landsborough, Financial Services Analyst ..."
    With sustainability turning from a buzz word into an essential, and financial pressure remaining high, brands need to include the needs of all German consumers, regardless of their economic means. To achieve this, they can make an effort to price-match eco-friendly and regular products. Yasemin Holtemayer, Research Analyst - Household..."
    Living situations can determine how eco-friendly household care routines are. Encourage community bonds, and support resource sharing with new cleaning lifestyles. Nikita Shergill, Research Analyst ..."
    Attract Indians to sustainable consumption with natural, organic and local elements. Focus on fostering knowledge, affordability and convenience. Saptarshi Banerjee, Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, India ..."
    Sustainability messaging needs to be simple, obvious and easily attainable to break through to today's busy consumers. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    Consumers want to shop more sustainably and expect brands to take the lead in procuring environmentally-friendly shopping options. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst, Retail & eCommerce ..."
    Mintel's eco-conscious fashion consumer groups illustrate how the shift from Sustainable Enthusiast to Eco-Chic Fashionista makes sustainability a must-have. Silke Lambers, Senior Research Analyst - Fashion, Germany ..."
    Mintel’s Germany sustainability market research shows that consumers look to beauty and grooming companies to act sustainably. To resonate with customers, sustainability should be aligned with cost savings, with refills continuing to play an important part. Henrike Philipp - Associate Analyst ..."
    As incomes continue to be squeezed, brands can guide consumers towards everyday sustainable behaviours by communicating the cost-saving benefits. Yogita Burke, Cross-category Research Analyst ..."