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Brands can utilise Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with Black American consumers’ unique preferences.

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    Black Gen Zs, born between 1997 and 2010, account for about 8.9 million of the 59.5 million Gen Zs in the US (about one in five Gen Zs). As a transitioning group of young adults and teens, Black Gen Zs take pride in their cultural identity, navigating life with confidence shaped..."
    Black and Hispanic car buyers – a growing segment of car buyers – prioritize cultural identity and value, often seeking reliable and economical vehicles. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    Mass merchandisers are essential to Black consumers. Their needs align with the general population, but retailers have an opportunity to engage them based on niche interests. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Black moms are looking for relief. They want to help their families financially, spend time on self-care and create efficiencies for household responsibilities. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Black American identity is layered and shaped by diverse experiences. Brands are a key part of the narrative around identity as they reflect images to the masses. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Beauty for Black consumers is simple. They want products that are accessible, affordable and effective for themselves and their families. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Black consumers are looking to stretch out the cycle between product purchases and looking to longer-term protective or low-manipulation styles. A Mintel Analyst, Global Analyst ..."
    “Black Millennials are at peak adulthood and their perspectives on life reflect such. As Millennials age, they are showing that their needs are similar to that of any adult who is building a career, raising a family, or both. Black Millennials are in need of supports for their respective life..."
    “For Black Gen Zs, the sentiment towards the future is that it’s going to be a hard, bumpy ride. Being focused on establishing careers, they’re aiming high and targeting homeownership – a visible sign of financial security. They’ll need help getting there given their lifestage, but beyond that, because they..."
    “Identities are more than what meets the eye. Our identities are our lived experiences, and Black consumers are focused on expressing those experiences through various mediums. Although Black consumers have a special interest in physical appearance as a form of self-expression, physical appearance is just a microcosm of their greater..."
    “Haircare products straddle multiple identities, with some products viewed as purchase essentials, and others as nice-to-haves. Amid this inflationary period during which shoppers are spending conservatively, brands will want to stake the claim that their full repertoire is seen as essential must-haves that serve as foundational to personal hygiene and..."
    “While inflationary pricing has most consumers prioritizing cost savings, Black consumers will be especially strong targets for value messaging. However, value will be better received as ‘getting more for your money,’ including help with health goals, making shoppers feel seen and understood, and providing an enjoyable and engaging shopping experience,..."