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Mintel’s Culture and Identity market research combines the latest consumer intelligence and expert analysis to provide you with a comprehensive overview of different cultures and identities, with analysis of recent consumer behaviour and trends.

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    Black American identity is layered and shaped by diverse experiences. Brands are a key part of the narrative around identity as they reflect images to the masses. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Multifaceted self-expression continues to be a primary aspect of identity for consumers, directly impacting their mental wellbeing and undeniably involving brands. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."
    Americans are concerned about the country's continued political divide and are grappling with stress over the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."
    As cultural marketing enters a more advanced stage, consumers are not satisfied with mere novelty experiences but rather seek meaningful connections with brands. Brands must demonstrate how their products and services reflect cultural values and incorporate lifestyle messages to communicate their core values. Blair Zhang, Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Trends,..."
    “After several years of unprecedented turmoil and uncertainty, American consumers are ready to look to the future and discover their ‘next normal.’ Although economic uncertainty and global concerns persist, many consumers are determined to refocus on their physical and financial health over the next year. As Americans navigate this period..."
    Continuously high inflation makes Germans prepare for a difficult fall and winter. Brands that offer affordable products and services across different income brackets will resonate the most with German consumers. Dr. Jennifer Hendricks, Senior Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles, Germany ..."
    “Brits have been feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis for a sustained period of time now, and for many, the ability to spend freely has almost completely disappeared. Essential categories, such as housing and groceries, are driving inflation and dominating consumer budgets. As a result, we expect the real..."
    “Canada’s diversity is what sets it apart as a country. And with the immigration targets set by the government, it is only going to become more diverse in the years ahead.With that in mind, it’s important to understand the market’s diversity at a deeper level and how it impacts..."
    "As the country continues to recover from several years of unprecedented turmoil, Americans’ outlook on the country remains fairly bleak. Many question the moral health of the country and anticipate American values will worsen in next 20 years. Despite a growing generational divide in Americans’ sense of patriotism and national..."
    “As LGBTQ+ communities contend with financial uncertainty, strained mental wellbeing and mounting legislative attacks, consumers need more than simply inclusivity exercises from brand allies. LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones fear for the future of LGBTQ+ acceptance and rights in the US. They need and expect brand allies to take..."
    “Consumers use a range of channels to represent and communicate who they are – or who they want to be – to other people. Authentic self-expression can directly impact their mental wellbeing, as well as help them build likeminded communities. Brands are already embedded into facets of consumers’ identity and..."
    “Identities are more than what meets the eye. Our identities are our lived experiences, and Black consumers are focused on expressing those experiences through various mediums. Although Black consumers have a special interest in physical appearance as a form of self-expression, physical appearance is just a microcosm of their greater..."