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Brands can utilise Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with Gen X consumers’ unique preferences.

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    Family plays a key role in Gen Xers’ lives as they prioritize taking care of others, impacting their behaviors and consumption habits.Laura Menegon, Analyst Food & Drink, LATAM ..."
    “Marketing to Gen X requires adeptly navigating a budget-conscious consumer that values quality. Gen X likes nice things, but they want to feel responsible about spending on them. They are a generation that gravitates toward following the rules. Brands can celebrate this investment in responsibility and help Gen X push..."
    "Often referred to as ‘The Forgotten Generation,’ Gen X is certainly a key demographic for brands and retailers to understand. Sandwiched between Millennials and Baby Boomers, Gen X is undergoing life changes as older children might be leaving the house for the first time, caring for aging parents and trying..."
    The often overlooked Gen X lead busy lives, tasked with raising the next generation, supporting the previous and demanding jobs. This presents opportunities for brands to embrace digital solutions and position them as a way to make Gen X lives easier. Mainga Hachibiti, Research Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles ..."
    “Gen Xers are at an age where they do not expect much to change in their lives – they have steady jobs, their family may be complete, and they most likely own property. COVID-19 has thrown them, in addition to other generations, for quite the loop. They were concentrating on..."
    “Generation Xers crave stability and the reassurance that they will be prepared for the future. Financial concerns make them value-driven shoppers and they look for purchases that offer quality products and affordable pricing rather than a distinctive brand personality. The current recession will only intensify their budget-mindedness as Gen Xers..."