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Brands can utilise Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with male consumers’ unique preferences.

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    Men’s rising awareness of self-oriented consumption has led to a boom in the ‘He economy’. Their needs for self-reward and personal satisfaction deserve as much attention as their spending on interpersonal relationships.Frank Zhang, Senior Research Analyst, Lifestyle, China ..."
    “Men’s attitudes towards marriage, family and social roles, lifestyle and personal pursuits have been changing recently, which generates new opportunities for brands. Their increasing involvement in family activities enables brands to explore targeting men’s family role. Their desire to ‘feel young’ could trigger consumption of products offering a physical or..."
    “Rapidly rising inflation and the effect it is having on household finances will have unavoidable implications for men’s health. Financial concerns will be exacerbated, putting many under increased stress, while the focus on price will mean some consumers have to opt for cheaper, and typically less healthy, choices. Although it..."
    Attract men to self-care and mental health discussions. Help them reach their health and financial goals, and engage them more in homecare and their interests.Pongsanguan Jiradechakul, Consumer Lifestyles Senior Analyst - Thailand ..."
    Encourage Indian men to be more involved in household responsibilities by making it a more gender-neutral topic and providing convenient ways to complete tasks. Rushikesh Aravkar, Associate Director - Consumer Reports South APAC - Food & Drink ..."
    “Men are being increasingly important in the luxury market, with their pursuit and definition of luxury goods become diverse. Their demands shifting away from conspicuous consumption and luxuries overall are having more meaningful and rich connotations for them. Their preference of luxury categories being more focused on digital products at..."
    “Marketing to men is no longer in a conventional sense highlighting men’s power, but rather empowering men to challenge the prevailing social norms and give themselves the space to adopt new roles and behaviours. In an era of change and new lifestyle trends amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, with gender..."
    “Marketers are often tempted to use aspirational themes in advertising to grab attention and create excitement about brands, however, because this approach can often be so out of sync with men’s actual lives, its impact may not always be very long lasting. A more nuanced approach, which considers how men..."
    While German men still conform to some 'male' gender stereotypes, such as having high interest in cars and gadgets, many more of them are also taking on more household and family duties. Heidi Lanschützer, Associate Director for Food & Drink Germany ..."