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Drink and Tobacco Market Research

Mintel's drink and tobacco market research reports quench your thirst for knowledge in one of the most competitive industries on earth. From coffee and cola to e-cigarettes and alcohol, our research and analysis serves up the perfect cocktail of intelligence and insight to show you what consumers are drinking and smoking - today and tomorrow. Brew up some new business thinking.

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  1. Eco and Ethical Tourism - Ireland - October 2010

    • Consumer Report
    • October 2010
    • Ireland

    Concern with the environment and ethics is constantly growing. Over the past few years, Irish consumers have adapted their lifestyles and purchasing habits to reflect their new found interest in issues such as fair trade, food miles etc.

    One area showing particular growth in ...

    US $1,414.41 (Excl.Tax)
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  2. Beer - Europe - August 2010

    • Consumer Report
    • August 2010
    • Europe

    Across Europe, beer volumes have, in general, experienced a decline in the past year. Depressed consumer spending has been an influential factor, exacerbated by the fact that the beer market has been undergoing change. Healthier lifestyles, a widespread smoking ban and strong ...

    US $1,817.42 (Excl.Tax)
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  3. Wine, Cocktail and Champagne Bars - UK - July 2010

    • Consumer Report
    • July 2010
    • UK
    • British out-of-home drinkers are habitual with seven out of ten stating that they usually drink the same thing.
    • The theatre of cocktail making is the main draw for two thirds of the 6.5 million consumers that have drunk cocktail in the last year.
    • Just under 4 million cocktail ...
    US $2,576.94 (Excl.Tax)
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3 Item(s)