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    Our Gen Z market research in Germany shows that this generation of fashion shoppers are backing brands that make bold statements. However, brands must be wary of the say-do gap in Gen Z's aspirations and shopping behaviours Silke Lambers, Senior Research Analyst - Fashion, Germany..."
    57% of German fashion shoppers bought fashion to feel good, a trend seen across generations. This highlights that shopping for fashion goes beyond necessity and results in 53% of German fashion shoppers thinking it is fun to buy fashion on..."
    This report looks at the following areas:Consumers' outfit preferences for different occasions, sources of outfit inspiration and style preferences: as consumers move between ever more diverse everyday occasions and the lines between these occasions become increasingly blurred, their demand for versatile outfits is growing, further fuelling the popularity of clothes..."

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    The cost of living crisis has led to caution around spending and while women have adopted more savvy shopping behaviours, they have turned to fashion to boost their mood. As inflation rates fall and consumer confidence increases, there are opportunities for fashion to trade on mood-boosting demand, drawing lessons from..."
    Spending on footwear has defied the cost-of-living crisis, boosted by strong demand for trainers/sneakers and school shoes that shows no sign of abating. Michael Oliver, Senior Retail Analyst ..."

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    High rates of obesity among men mean improving menswear sizing and fit is key to driving sales, with help from new online size recommendation tools. Tamara Sender Ceron, Associate Director, Fashion Retail ..."
    The future of the German fashion industry lies in merging the online and in-store channels, and in combining quality and affordability – all while embracing AI to meet evolving consumer demands. Silke Lambers, Senior Research Analyst - Fashion, Germany..."
    With the economic outlook uncertain, consumers pay more attention to the value-preserving properties of jewellery and accessories. In the long run, "treat/reward oneself" and better self-expression will primarily drive the consumption of fashion accessories. Diana Shao, Category Director, Retail, Technology and Media, China Reports ..."
    The growth potential of sportswear lies in expanding its use in different scenarios and becoming a part of daily life. Brands should focus on enhancing fashion attributes while maintaining professional capabilities. Blair Zhang, Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Trends, Fashion and Luxury, China ..."
    The German watches & jewellery market's resilience, fuelled by a growing demand for luxury and branded experiences, is further driven by innovations like lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals. Silke Lambers, Senior Research Analyst - Fashion, Germany..."

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    Summer 2023 benefitted from significant pent-up demand, as consumers updated their wardrobes for holidays abroad and staycations, as well as events such as weddings Tamara Sender Ceron, Associate Director, Fashion Retail ..."
    Footwear is a central part of consumers' wardrobes. They look to brands to help them express their styles and interests, and keep them comfortable across occasions. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst, Retail & eCommerce ..."