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    With the economic outlook uncertain, consumers pay more attention to the value-preserving properties of jewellery and accessories. In the long run, "treat/reward oneself" and better self-expression will primarily drive the consumption of fashion accessories. Diana Shao, Category Director, Retail, Technology and Media, China Reports ..."
    The German watches & jewellery market's resilience, fuelled by a growing demand for luxury and branded experiences, is further driven by innovations like lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals. Silke Lambers, Senior Research Analyst - Fashion, Germany..."
    The jewellery and watches market remains resilient, held up by the luxury end, with lab-grown diamonds and increased traceability driving new trends in the market. Fiona McDonald, Retail Analyst ..."
    “Changes to lifestyles stemming from the pandemic and rising prices are impacting how consumers shop for handbags and accessories. They are shopping less frequently and approach the category more consciously. As a result, consumers will look to spend wisely on items that last and shop brands and products they feel..."
    “Fashion accessories are set to make a considerable recovery in 2022, mainly driven by a return in demand for the luxury market. High street specialists continue to struggle, with the market for fashion accessories becoming increasingly fragmented. Accessories retailers must keep up with advances in social media and online purchasing,..."
    “As the jewellery and watches market rebounds from the harsh impact of COVID-19 on the sector, sales are estimated to recover gradually, but it will take several years to reach pre-pandemic levels. As consumers release pent-up demand for purchasing, there are opportunities for jewellery and watch retailers to encourage them..."
    “Luxury accessories have been the first choice for consumers when gifting and treating themselves in recent years. But consumers’ attitudes and shopping habits are constantly changing. Their purchases have become increasingly rational, and more comprehensive when shopping for brands. They will readily accept products that bring them identity and uniqueness,..."
    “While initially hit by the pandemic lockdowns, watches and jewelry have seen a quick recovery as consumers cautiously return to more “normal” lifestyles and their confidence to spend slowly improves. Consumers changing shopping behaviors, together with ethical and sustainable preferences, will drive this sector to an unprecedented transformation in the..."
    “The first lockdown due to COVID-19 came as a shock to many in the jewellery and watch industry; numerous independent retailers had to shut stores with no ecommerce presence to sell items online instead. Furthermore, the subsequent lack of tourism dented the luxury sector which tends to drive the jewellery..."
    “Luxury accessories are increasingly more accepted by consumers and gradually becoming a form of daily wear. The domestic market has become a more important market for luxury brands and Chinese consumers’ high acceptance of e-commerce means luxury brands need to re-think their strategy in China. Increasing awareness of aesthetics and..."
    “Fashion accessories are expected to have performed well in 2019, mainly due to the continued growth of the luxury market. However, the future of the category is difficult to predict due to the uncertainty still surrounding Brexit. High street specialists have been underperforming over the last couple of years and..."